Anyone from Minnesota?

  1. Hello fellow handbag lovers :smile:! ok so i am from Minnesota and i was wondering if any of you ladies live here and know where i could pick up LeSportsac tokidoki.. my cousin said something about some store but i cant locate it.. any ideas? :confused1:
  2. I have no clue... But out there on the mainland, department stores like Macy's and Nordstrom's carry tokidoki. Not all the location carry them, so I guess you'd just have to check the ones around you. There are also smaller stores that carry them, but I wouldn't know where they are or what they're called because, here in Hawaii, we're limited to only buying from the LeSportsac boutiques or Duty Free. We don't get to have the great sales that a lot of the girls on this forum come across at Macy's and other places. :crybaby:

    Otherwise, you could just order on-line...?
  3. In MN I'd say your best bet is the Mall of America.

    Metro Park has a good selection now (first floor) and Bloomingdales also has a bunch.

    The Macy's and Nordstrom there don't regularly stock tokidoki, but they ~might~ have the occasional return.