Anyone from Milan?

  1. My husband will be playing 15 min from Milan:wlae: this season and we will be visiting him asap. Any good fashion outlets or any good stores you can recommend?
    HELP! So many things to see but so little time!!!
  2. You have got to go into the Centre of Milan. The Doumo Cathedral is an amazing place to start! and in the evening try and get tickets for La Scala, the opera house. Its amazing.

    Check out the galleria in Milan for Gucci and Prada galore, loads of roads around the centre house Missoni, Vesace and Miu Miu,

    Via Montenapoleone, and Via della Spiga house some amazing stores.

    I went last January and it was lovely. Be prepared for the cafes in central Milan to be incredibly expensive though ;_

    Have a lovely trip
  3. wow!!!! you have me drooling already!!!!!:drool: Thank you so much for the exhaustive information. I am so grateful. As far as prices probably everything is pretty expensive right? Do you know if there are any good outlets like the one in Florence?
  4. I didnt find any, but I am sure that there are some milanese people on here that can enlighten us.

    Hey, where else in the world can you get a cup of coffee in a Gucci monogrammed cup ;)

    The inside of the Galleria is an amazing work of art, you just stare at it in amazement and that is before you have checked out the shops lol!!!

    check it out on this virtual tour :smile:
    Galleria Vittorio Emanuele Milan Virtual Tour