Anyone from Miami? Help!

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  1. Not sure if I posted in the right area, If not sorry, Mods please move it :smile:

    My Fiance was recently offered a job in Miami, with higher pay than at the hospital he works at now. After long talks and his whining of the Los Angeles life we're moving! :|

    Just wondering if anyone can give me input on what neighborhoods are better than others. I've googled but most are very biased/racist reviews..
    I'm in charge of the house hunt, so if you can tell me anything that'd be great!

  2. sorry but i can't help you out there, just wanted to wish you GL and happy house hunting!! :biggrin:
  3. What neighborhoods are you looking at?

    I grew up in Miami & Fort Lauderdale, so might be able to help.

    The cost of living in south Florida is comparable to Los Angeles, it is pretty high.
  4. Well we've heard Coral Gables was a good area, as well as Palmetto Bay,
    so right now I'm looking there..
    but as far as prices we can live comfortably from what we are making currently..
    Thanks for helping!
  5. Coral Gables is absolutely gorgeous! All the streets have ficus and banyon canopies and there is a gorgeous fountain in the park in the center of it all. It's beautiful.
  6. It's viciously hot. That's all I have to say. I've been to LA in the summer and Miami in the summer and Miami is stiffing...and I live in north Florida, so it's not like I don't know what hot weather is like.

    I would never live there.
  7. I'm also a Miami, Ft. Laud. girl............The Gables is gorgeous, but expensive. If you go further south towards Kendall, the prices get a little more realistic. Good luck :tup:
  8. Well as far as weather (I live in Key West so I am close) I agree with Charles, its VERY hot in the summer in Miami, especially with all the humidity. Make sure your clothes are as light as possible.

    Tillie is probably also right. I would think as long as you aren't ocean front that would also help to keep prices down. Hope you enjoy the move!!!
  9. My friends just moved to Weston. I have no ideal about neighborhood or anything...
  10. Thanks for all the advice!
    I've been looking around and the prices seem reasonable, about the same if not better than where we are living now in Alhambra, CA. I don't need a mega mansion and definitely don't need ocean front..
    Just a nice neighborhood and house, where i don't feel i'll have to move in 5 months..

    Just checked out Pembroke Pines/Aventura/Coral springs..Nice homes
    around the 400-550k range

    We'll be moving hopefully if we get something soon around June/July
    Hopefully I won't jump back on the plane from how hot you guys say it is. 0.o
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    Don't listen to everything you hear. :wtf: I've lived here most of my life. You're in the air conditioning most of the day.......either in your car, the mall, work place, grocery store, etc. When you're outside during the hottest part of the summer, hopefully it's because you're enjoying the sun and possibly salt water or a pool. :beach: And I live in cute sundresses a good portion of the year. :heart: I wouldn't trade South Florida for anyplace in the country. I flew for the airlines, and visited a good portion of the US.....and I lived in Chicago .....where I was based for 11 years. They also had very humid summers!!! Judge for yourself, and don't worry about any negativity you may hear. :nono: All the places you mentioned.......Pembroke Pines, Aventura, Coral Springs,.......... all beautiful. :love: Move here with a positive attitude, and I think you'll be quite surprised at how beautiful it is, and how friendly the people are. :sunshine::sunshine: I wish you the best. :hugs:
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    Yoora: Its HOT lol but in the winter, especially when its the tempertures it is right now. I'm happy to be here since it never seems to get lower than the 40's lol just stay inside in the summer and when you have to be outside bring plenty of water. You will be fine. Thats what I do lol

    Oh and btw I didn't mean it negatively at all. I just wanted to warn you because I had extreme culture shock when I came here to Key West and when I made my first trip to Miami that I actually remembered. The heat ALLL the time almost was new to me too since where I come from we have summer fall winter spring. I wasn't trying to scare you off Miami at all. It can be really nice in this area sometimes. I LOVE the shopping!
  13. Yeah, cause that's what I want to do..stay indoors all day.
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    Charles........... What I meant was.........where ever you live, you adapt to the weather. If you're in a cold climate, you're not going to be outside all the time. The same with really hot make concessions. This young couple that's moving to Miami, was merely asking about areas that would be suitable and affordable. You misunderstood what I was trying to say. I didn't mean they would have to stay inside constantly, during the hot weather..............but if they couldn't tolerate the heat, there IS always air conditioning. That's all I meant. Sorry for the misunderstanding...:hugs:
  15. Hey Tillie. I hope you don't think I was trying to scare the OP :sad: I just didnt want her to be shocked by the heat like I was when i moved down here four years ago. I'm used to it now and have found more things to like about Florida lol I cannot say ill ever love the year round heat (wintertime excepting lol)but its easier to ignore now, especially when shopping in the AC. Im glad you were able to share so many of the positives with her! I didnt know many so I couldnt say them.