Anyone from MELBOURNE? Please share your CHANEL info~~

  1. As you know the Chanel goods in Melbourne Store is quite limited compare to other countries, and sometimes far behind. So if people from Melbourne could share their valued information with all ohters, I this that will be great!!:tup::tup::tup:
  2. As far as I know there was one S/S silver 2.55 arrived last Friday morning but was sold in the afternoon.

    There is one DARK SILVER in JUMBO size available in the boutique on Friday, and colors like BLACK, NAVY, PURPLE will be coming~~~

    Is there anyone who has some info on GOLD and METALLIC WHITE color 2.55?? Will MELBOURNE get any of those??

  3. u should give a call to chanel, there is one very nice sa named Nick, he might help u
  4. how much is the chanel reissue 227 or 32 cm in melbourne? i have been hearing that its cheaper to buy chanel in australia, is it true?
  5. NICK was the guy I spoke to last week. My SA is Andy, unfortunately he is on holiday now~~
  6. ~
    Large is about 3300AUD something. And the price for Chanel in Australia is not that bad.
  7. Wow? I'm surprised it's that price... compared to the reissues being sold on eBay for ridiculous prices...
  8. price for caviar classic flap gold HW:

    $2830 for medium (9")

    $2980 for large (10")
  9. how much for the 226 reissues.... anyone???

  10. Is this the most recent prices?? How about the small reissue (225)?

    Wow.. great help..
  11. hi girls,
    i just went to sydney chanel and they have two reissue on display 226 silver and 228 dark silver

    prices approximatelly: 226 $3200 - 227 $2600 - 228 $4200 ... i just quickly recheck with the SA

    shhh ... :sad: i bought my 226 $3170 around august 2007 and less than a year already hit new numbers to $3200+

    navy and black reissue is confirmed coming to sydney store this weekend and more colours including red patent as well clutches in between march and april

    hope this helps for aussie chanel girls
  12. i mistaken price above, 227 $3600 approximately
  13. quilted chanel wallet that looks like the classic flap. dont know what its called. $1030

    crystals CC studs - $300
  14. I rang the melb store last week and they had one lambskin timeless clutch left (price ~1400).

    They also got in new stock of the ballet flats with the elastic sides. The girl told me she had them in white and black for $765 (i think that was the price).
  15. They had the black and silver 2.55 last fri.