Anyone from Melbourne, Australia ?


Material Girl
Mar 18, 2006
Just thought id see if there were any other fellow Melbournians on this website so we can share information on good deals within the city etc... or little boutiques we might otherwise not know of :smile:

Please introduce yourselves :love:
Hi! I'm from Melbourne, although I'm living in Holland so am probably not much help with shopping. Anyhoo, just wanted to say hi and I'm missing that place!!!
Hey! Not from Melbourne but it's my favourite city in the world!

I can still remember some of the little shops I found that are great.
Still missing the food! Ooooo....foooooood. Missing Jackie O's Sunday morning breakfast. Missing Lamb on Chapel's Doner Kebabs. And being able to get a decent coffee almost anywhere. Oh, yeah, and the shopping!
Oh and fruit juices for cheap? I had one of those reward cards... Can't remember what the chain was called but it was red with a sort of flower/clover logo... Mmmm.
mzcountess said:
Yeah im living in melbourne.... your so right about the weather its like 5 seasons in one day..:lol:

IIRC, Crowded House sang a song called "Four seasons in one day" which was about Melb. But I think that wasn't the title...