Anyone from MD DC area going to Chanel Coctail Party today?

  1. Is anyone from DC or MD area going to the Chanel coctail party today to celebreate the launch of Sublimage? They will have a preview of Resort 2007 Collection. It's at Saks in Chevy Chase.
    You do need an invitation and RSVP though. Just wondering if any ladies from here are going .
  2. I'm not, I live in TX, but I wanted to mention that I LOVE Sublimage!:heart:
    I've gotten enough samples to last me a month and I notice a difference!
  3. thanks! I will try to get some samples...look at the price and it's expeennssiiiivee!!!
  4. I know! $350 and it only comes in one size! I can tell you the stuff is silk, that jar should last a year easliy.
  5. I wish I could but I don't live in that area anymore. I really miss the good shopping. I really miss Wisconsin Avenue, Georgetown and Tyson's Corner.
  6. I can't make it:sad: Don't forget to keep us informed. Hope you have lots of fun.
  7. I can't make it either-but I would love to know what handbags you see!!:yes:
  8. Well, it was really nice and stylish. THey had coctails and little snacks , and two models that just stood there and you could talk to them about everything there are wearing.
    THey had 2007 cruise collection out, the only thing i really liked was a white patent leather classic flap bag that had a zipper inside too. Plus platform shoes looked nice too, comfortable.
    Everyone got a sample jar of the cream, considering that it costs 350 , there was some value in the jar, a whole 6 grams of the precious cream! LOL. That's about it.
  9. Oh, i forgot to mention that EVERYONE was carrying a Chanel bag, ladies were very Chanelized :smile: Even hair pins were Chanel.
  10. ooooh sounds very tres chic ;)

    mezmari - how did you find out about this event? i'd like to attend something like this in the future...
  11. They send me invite in the mail. I'm not sure if they do this for all their customers or select few, not sure. Maybe just the Chanel customers.
  12. thanks!

    maybe I'll run into you at one of these things one day... :smile:
  13. Thanks for the update!!!!