Anyone from LA?

  1. snow showers for tomorrow??

    this is weird!
  2. i honestly just don't believe it. though, when i was in elementary school, there was actually a very very light snow!
  3. Lol..I'm in San Diego but we actually have freeze warnings as well...not the usual frost warnings but actual freeze warnings. That's hilarious but I love it.
  4.'ll just be really cold..but no snow, right? i wished it snowed here.. :shame:
  5. snow here? I thought it was going to be really cold, and that was it. Maybe some rain, but not snow!
  6. from

    "Snow showers are likely in the southern California mountains Friday down to 1,500 to 2,000 feet. A shower will occur in portions of the low elevations of southern California as well. It is very possible a snow shower occurs in the upper deserts as well."
  7. i just heard about that too and if it does happen, imma dread driving the freeways!
  8. I just came back home now, and it's getting very cold out there.
  9. i think i remember it hailing, but never actually snowing.. but that was eons ago. i'll remember to wear layers to get to work tomorrow, and let my car warm up for sure! there are freeze warnings all over socal.. lol. we're all freaking out cuz it's cold.. but in the NE states, they're like, "uhh that's really warm..." :roflmfao:
  10. really? oh man.
  11. It snowed once in the 7 years that I lived in California (1990-1997). haha, I will remember that day for the rest of my life. I looked out the window and it was raining...15 minutes later I look out and the roofs were covered with a dusting of snow :smile: We lived in Ft. Irwin at the time, which is in the Mojave Desert near Barstow :biggrin:
  12. proof it snowed last night/this morning:


    **note!! not my car. lol. but mine looks a lot like that! this was in the riverside area, and the freeze warnings did say 1500-2000ft.. and rside i think is 2000ft.**
  13. Snow? All I know is I just peeped out the window and it is cold!! Yeah I get to wear my Prada coat I bought this season!! :yahoo:
  14. wowww. i wished it snowed down my area.

    but it's really cold outside. 47F right now here in glendale. even colder last night which was 55F. that's weird.
  15. it's stanking cold man...!!! the wind this morning was unbearable!!!