anyone from hong kong?

  1. i'm planning on moving to hong kong next year, anybody working in fashion industry or magazines? i'm interested in those area and wanted to ask about the condition there? thank you :yes:
  2. Hey seahorse!
    there's a few of us on tPF that live in HK.

    i don't work in either of those industries but i can try to help. what kind of job are u looking for? design? stylist? editor?
  3. i'm more interested in working in mag as stylist...
  4. ooh! well, most of the jobs in Hong Kong require you to speak Chinese but I'm not sure if that applies to your field.

    I wish I could land a job in that field...they all require previous experience which is something I lack for styling. Magazines here are released monthly and weekly (depends) and there are a TON of them. You have the regular Cosmo, Marie Claire (both in Chinese) and then you get some of the weekly ones; some for teens, some for a wider audience.

    do u know which company you're interested in?
  5. that would be hard for me them, as i don't speak chinese :P
    but is there an english written fashion mag in hk?
    i only have experienced styling in few fashion magazine, print ad and video clip :P
  6. ^^ I go to hk almost every year and I never seen a fashion mag in English there but I could be wrong =) I go there just to shop! I'm Chinese and I dont speak either but I understand most and normally go with my Chinese speaking friends.

    I love their magazines and I just look at the pics!