Anyone from GERMANY?

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  1. Btw, a couple of Taschenforum - members are going to have a meeting in Hamburg on April 4th. But I guess you would have to be a member in our forum to join us (I wouldn't mind if you're not a member there but I want to do this correctly).
  2. Here's another Taschenforum member.
    A lot of us German TPF members are also member of the Taschenforum because sometimes it's just nice to talk about our favorite topics in German. :P

    As Regina mentioned we have local meetings (or should I say shopping trips ;)).

    As for Graffiti my wishlist is getting longer and longer....

    Speedy green, pareo, zippy coin green, large Zippy pink......
    For some reason I really like that line, although I'm usually not really fan of neon colors.
    We'll see what I end up getting..... ;)
  3. Huhu, Germangirl... I am already saving for the Hamburg trip (it is indeed a shopping trip disguised and labelled as "meeting").
    Regina :angel::whistle:
  4. Are you going to get your Batignolle then? :P It would be the perfect opportunity.
    I'm really looking forward to our "meeting".;)
  5. I am definitely set on buying the Batignolles... let's just hope, that there won't be any unforseeable incidents (car needs a new engine etc.). So keep your fingers crossed.
    Regina :tup:
  6. Is anyone going to the Munich Oberpollinger store event with Arne Quinze on Sat, 14th?
  7. I live too far away from Munich - what kind of event is it?
  8. Did you end up going?
  9. I think she's talking about February, 14th.
    Regina ;)
  10. Oh. Ok, there was another event a few days ago. I thought she meant that one. :P
  11. I reviewed my emails: it was actually 24th of January. That auction event with A. Quinze. :smile:
  12. Ahhh! You were right! It really was Jan 24th! I thought it would be Feb 14th... OMG I missed it! :tdown::cursing:
  13. Dear all, I'm back from the States now and ready to do some shopping damage in Berlin again. My husband got me nothing for Christmas because he said I bought too many luxury handbags while I was in Germany. He also told me my new MCM I bought last December looked like cheap plastic.
  14. When are you going to do your damage?
    I'll go to LV (Friedrichstrasse and maybe Kadewe) tomorrow to see if they let me have a peek at the Graffiti speedys and zippys.
    And on monday I'm going to pick up my graffiti stuff.
    It would be cool if we bumped into each other. :yahoo:
    What are you planning on getting?
  15. You bet I'll keep my finger crossed.:yes:
    We have to get that group shot with shopping bags we were talking about. :graucho: