Anyone from GERMANY?

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  1. Hey there... Oder, hallo....

    Also, eigentlich solltest du das im authenticate this thread posten, aber ich kann dir schon jetzt sagen, das es 100 % ein Fake is..... :faint:
    It def is a fake.....:crybaby::crybaby:


    Viel Erfolg weiterhin
  2. Wie weisst du das? Ganz sicher???
  3. ^
    I don't think fakes are any more or less frequent unfortunately. Please post in the authentication thread, people there will be more than happy to help. :tup:
  4. Hallo Rich and Drunk!!! Die Tasche ist 100% ECHT!!!!! Ich war heute beim LV Geschäft (Kurfürstendamm) und die Verkäuferin hat sie (und die Rechnung) überprüft!!! :yes:
  5. Habs schon gelesen und freu mich echt riesig für dich...... ich muss dazu sagen, das ich sie einfach merkwürdig aussehend fand und die Staubtasche etwas komisch aussah.... aber wie gesagt, ich bin richtig happy....

  6. Dürfen wir jetzt doch auf deutsch posten?
    Ich dachte, dass das hier nicht so gerne gesehen wäre...

    Woher kommst du denn, rich-and-drunk?
  7. oh.... okay.... then let's get back to english... ;o)
  8. Rich and Drunk,

    You name the coffee place and the time and I'll be there. I'm flying back to the States on Dec. 18th and will be back around the 21st of January, so sometime next week or when I get back in January (if you are around) would be good. If there's somewhere by the LV store on the Kurfürstendamm, maybe we could go to the store afterwards. :smile: When I return in January I need to go there anyway to purchase a Reisetasche. I've always wanted one and January is when I'm planning to make the purchase.

    I don't mind if we post in German. If it's on this thread, I don't see why anyone would mind really. I'm on other fora with people from all over the world and they have sections for people from specific countries. maybe we could talk the administration into letting us have a German section to this site? It would draw more people from German speaking countries here and since so many of the luxury items we discuss here come from Europe anyway, I think that would only be a positive. Anyway, I like writing in German.
  9. Well.... this actually is kind of a german thread... isn't it???? I mean nobody would join a german TPF meeting or whatever if they do not speak german, although I would never mind... xDDDD

    Coffee sounds great, but unfortunately I live in eastern germany in Dresden..... so I won'T be making it to Berlin before January.... but we could send a date to buy your "Reisetasche" .... which would be called a weekender or travel bag.... LOL....

    My advice is the Carry-All.... I love it, I also have the Keep-All 55, but it looks kinda weird when you did not stuff it enough.... and the Carry-All is kinda better.... but you won't be able to get soooo much stuff in it....

    Sometimes I also use my mothers speedies to travel, because they are very roomy and look like a Keep-All.... xDDDD
    But that depends on the event I am going to..... *lol*

    Where exactly are you from??????
    I used to spend 3 years in California.... I loooooooooooved it.... Although I started crying when I passed the Walk of Fame.... so dirty, full of dust, homeless people, unspectacular souvenir shops.... It was horrible.....
    But I loved Newport and Laguna Beach.... after beeing there I loved O.C. California which I hated before.... until I realized that people over there are really like that.....


  10. When I get back then, I'll send a shout out to you.

    I live in the Washington, DC area. I'm truly enjoying the shopping experience here in Berlin though. :smile: I already hit the MCM store shortly after I arrived here in September and bought the most beautiful red leather Boston bag. I LOVE IT!!! It's the best bag I own right now. The quality is unsurpassed. Go look at their website when you get the chance:
  11. Yeah , that'D be great...

    I know, I LOVE MCM .... you're talking about the one on Ku'damm right? .... what I do not like about MCM is the Logo Bags..... I don't know it looks like a weird Vuitton... LOL...

    Did you hit Quartier 206 and Galerie Lafayette???? both are TDF !!!!!!

    But I also love the cheaper stores in Berlin.... the selection in their Zara stores is magnificent..... so huuuuuuge.....

    and the KaDeWe..... with it'S cute store in stores..... i Love the Dior shop.....

    any secret tips for shopping in Berlin??? xDDD
  12. It seems that I know quite a few of you from the German "Taschenforum" - anyone who is a member there? Most people use several nicknames so I am not really sure - maybe you could just post your other nicks here?
    Oh, anyone interested in joining us:
    Regina :smile:
  13. Hi@ all,

    I come from Germany, too.Furthermore I am a member of the TF
  14. Ich bin auch aus DE ;)
  15. Hi Keepall,
    then I guess we know each other already!
    Hello Cady!
    Regina :smile: