Anyone from GERMANY?

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  1. i cant be the häschen....
  2. Me too. But moving to Rheinland-Pfalz next week!
  3. What?! There is a WHAT and it is WHERE?? :nuts:
  4. I'm going to be in Frankfurt briefly next month but this caught my eye. Then I found the details online:

    "After the Brooklyn Museum's run ends, the exhibition will head to the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt, Germany from October 27, 2008 to January 4, 2009, and then to the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain from February to May 2009. "

  5. I'm going there too!
  6. ^^thanks for the info!
  7. We definitely have to get together after you've moved to Berlin. :yes:

    I'll be in New York the first week of November, so I don't know how much money I'll have left after that (if any). :graucho:
  8. Hi Mädels,
    I´m from Germany too - I didn´t see this thread earlier, because I´m more in the Chloé section right now - but this thread is a good reason to visit the LV section again :yes:
  9. Welcome Shivadiva!!! Where are you from exactly?
  10. Hi dreamcherry - I´m from munich - very good for lv shopping :graucho:. as you know we have the big flagshipstore in the maximilianstrasse and very soon another one at the new oberpollinger departementstore at the stachus. There you are in handbagheaven - on the groundfloor they have boutiques of dior, tods, bottega veneta, gucci, burberry, ferragamo, fendi and soon lv, prada and miu miu and a huge range of designerbags like sonja rykiel, loewe, see by chloé, gerard darel, lamarthe, longchamps, and many more ... it´s gorgeous :cloud9:
  11. I will be in Hamburg in December - how's the LV shopping there?
  12. GREAT !!

    The store is beautiful and the SAs are very friendly :tup:

    I'm from Germany too :smile:
    Hamburg rulez :P
  13. Last time I went to the Oberpollinger I saw the add that they're opening soon! Do you know when that will be? (I'd like to go there on the first day!)
    I didn't know that they had Loewe! My mom ones one bag from them and the zipper doesn't work anymore. Perhaps she could show it to them there!
    btw: I live near Nürnberg.
  14. Hi All! :welcome:I'm a Canadian who's been living in Munich for almost 7 years now. I only have one LV wallet in my collection (so far) but I'm happy to see that there are other tPF members in Germany!
  15. Just a heads up, another LV location will be opening up here in Munich on November 12th! It's on Kaufingerstrasse in the Oberpollinger department store. :yahoo: