Anyone from GERMANY?

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  1. Hi Ladies!
    I'm from Baden-Württemberg. I'm a bit lazy when it comes to posting, so most of you probably don't know me.:peace:
  2. Welcome to all the new German members on here.
    I think I know some "faces" from a German forum I just joined the other day. :graucho:

    Another Gerard Darel lover from Berlin. Greetings from Mitte.:yahoo:
    I'm also from Berlin and own a couple of Gerard Darel bags.
    I'm so mad at Galeries Lafayettes though for not getting the Midday Midnight bag.:cursing:
    But then again, I can always go down the block to LV. :graucho:
  3. HI!
    I live in America but my family is from Germany...... Amburg/ Hirshau to be exact :smile: My heart lives in Germany :smile:
  4. Welcome! That's really close to where I live!
  5. Hi ,may I join too?I'm from Budapest-I know its not in Germany :biggrin:but...I like the language and the German People too :heart: ...and I have many Friends there:yahoo:
  6. Thanks! What city to you live near? I can't wait to visit my family some time soon..... I miss Germany :sad:
  7. Halloooo! :smile:
    I am from Germany,too!
    I'm from Saarbrücken but soon I will move to Berlin :yahoo:
  8. hello i am from germany as well... and i think i know some from another forum...;)
  9. Count me in! Dreamcherry - we must be neighbors! :smile:
  10. Great!!! Welcome! :yahoo:

    I live close to Nürnberg btw.
  11. Welcome T.J and bannYlein (are you the "Häschen"?)!
  12. From Holland, but will be in Germany next weekend: Frankfurt, to see the MURAKAMI exhibition :yahoo::woohoo:
  13. :biggrin:
    Which Häschen do you mean? ;)
    I have the same name on other forums..:smile:
    So yes,I am a Häschen :biggrin::wlae:
  14. I recognise your Name from another Forum. My name is Shopaholic there:P.
    When are you moving to Berlin? :graucho:
  15. aaaaaw :lol:
    Next month :smile:
    So,if I will be there for my studies we have to go for a shopping-trip together,ok? :tup::tup:
    (So I will start already to save some money ;) )