Anyone from GERMANY?

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  1. I live close to Nürnberg. Okay, Nürnberg - Berlin isn't that close... :crybaby:

    Thank you! Love my little Eva, too - it's the cutest Pochette I've ever had!
  2. Maybe I can join too Right now I'm not very far away from Germany and i do speak a little deutsch;)
  3. I agree!

    Where are you from? :tup:
  4. I'm from Paris but I live in the Lorraine right is close to Saarebruck...And my mum is a half german so I have family in Germany and do speak a little german but with an accent...
  5. Ohh that's great! I love this French accent! Wish I had one, too. :tup::heart:
    (btw: I speak a little French)
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  6. Since it seems we are from all over Europe, maybe we should join Noorah1's European Club in the club house. :yahoo:

    If anyone is planning on visiting Berlin in the near future, just let me know. Maybe we can meet up for some coffee and LV talk.

    @ Dreamcherry
    I have a great-aunt in Fürth. I've been planning on visiting her in september or october.
  7. ^I'll do that germangirl! Any more ladies from Berlin around? I would have expected they would be well represented on tpf!
  8. Ahhh! That's great! Let me know it - we could meet and do some LV shopping in Nürnberg! :tup::heart:
  9. Seems like there aren't many people from Germany here... :tdown:
  10. That would be great, I didn't know Nürnberg had a LV store, ignorent me ;). But right now my aunt is still in the hospital not wanting any visitors. :sad:

    I don't understand why there aren't anymore Germans here because there's no decent Germand bag forum, not a single one, strange.

    I went to Mannheim with my mother on saturday and saw lots of LV, a lot of it real. :yahoo:
    Then we went shopping to Heidelberg today, Heidelberg supposedly the "richer" city, and I saw only fake LV.:cursing::tdown:
  11. Nürnberg may be small compared to other cities but we have some great shops there. (I think it's because of the "NürnbergMesse" and the toyfair) :tup:

    I hope your aunt gets better soon!!! :yes:

    I see sooooo many fake LVs everyday! btw: when I bought my Tivoli PM my grandma said: "That's a really nice bag - look here's mine - they really look alike!" and than she showed me a really bad fake! :roflmfao: Ohh... grandma! But I still :heart: her so much!
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  12. Hallo ihr Lieben,
    I am here, too!!! From Hameln, meaning the nearest LV or Burberry store is two hours away to the North (in Hamburg) or about three hours to the East (Berlin).
    @Keks: Your writing doesn't have any accent at all... :tup:
  13. Herzlich Willkommen Regina!
    It's great to now that there are other people from Germany!

    Shopping must be a "big event" for you than... :sad:
  14. Im from Holland, but do my LV shopping in Dusseldorf as i live close to the border (Arnhem)! The Americans have def outnumbered us Europeans on here!
  15. i'm from germany too :biggrin:
    i didn't know that there are so many of us!!!!