Anyone from GERMANY?

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  1. What about meeting, discussing new purchases / upcoming ones etc. here?

    Who likes to join?

    p.s.: I don't know if it's ok to post in German, does anyone know?
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  2. Hmm... I know that there're a few people here... come on! :graucho:
  3. You're not alone. :yahoo:

    Maybe we should keep posting in English, since everybody else does it, no matter where they're from. :shrugs:

    I just bought my first 2 LV, the Galleira GM and the Tivoli GM. :yahoo:

    But I'm still hunting for a certain Gerard Darel bag. Do you know where I can get Gerard Darel in Germany (besides Galeries Lafaytte, they don't have that model)?

  4. YEAH!! I'm not alone anymore! :tup:
    I remember having seen your thread here that you bought the Galliera - correct me if I'm wrong...

    I only know Galeries Lafayette here...
    Perhaps you could get one in France (depends on where you live in Germany - p.e. Strasbourg is 3 hours away from where I live.)
  5. I would like to join! I live in Denmark which is soooo close to Germany! And I would be happy to keep posting in English since my German sucks, took German classes for five years but am not good at it.
    Germangirl congrats on your beautiful bags! They're really pretty and versatile.
  6. I'm in Germany!!! :nuts: (Unterfranken)

    Vlad asks that we keep all posts in English here :smile:
  7. I think he can join us! What do you say?
  8. Ok, we'll do that... Sternchen, did you get my PM?
  9. Yes, I did!! Sorry I didn't respond, I am running a RAOK in another subforum and my inbox fills up at least twice a day so I accidentally deleted your PM before I was able to reply and I couldn't think of your username again!! LOL:shame:
  10. Ahhh... ok! That's bad luck.

    I always question myself what a RAOK is!?
  11. RAOK stands for "Random Acts of Kindness" :smile:

    Basically, all that wanted to participate agreed that they would send 3 packages with beauty products (for the Beauty RAOK) to the buddy that was picked for them via a website called Elfster :smile:

    It's really fun ;)
  12. ^ Sounds very interesting!!

    btw: the internet did not work for about 4 hours today!! I was about to go crazy (had to bid something on ebay!!). I called T-Com and they said that it's in almost every part of Germany.
    Has this ever happend before?!
  13. I actually live in Berlin but I'm visiting my parents in Heidelberg right now.
    Strasbourg trip is already being planned.:yahoo:
    Where do you live?
    I saw in another Thread that you also went to Strasbourg. I love your Eva by the way. :tup:

    @ soul2squeeze
    We are such a small group here. Of course we'll take you (I'd say :yes:)
  14. I'm not officially from Germany either, but I go there quite a bit (my parents live close to the border). Can I join too? :biggrin:
    And next month I'm thinking of going to Berlin for a few days with my brother.
    If anyone is interested in a meeting there, that would be really nice! :yes:
  15. @ soul2squeeze
    We are such a small group here. Of course we'll take you (I'd say :yes:)[/quote]

    Oh goody! Thank you so much! :yahoo:It seems really exciting to be a part of a small group that shares so much love for LV.