Anyone from Germany? i just have a question

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  1. Hi ladies! anyone from Germany? i have a question..i purchase a totally GM from a Ebay Germany..was wondering what courier service u use to send item to Canada? is it Hermes packet international?

    Thanks alot!
  2. Hermes International Package is only available within Europe, not to Canada.

    I guess your package will be shipped via DHL (the package service of the German Post, not to be confused with the Courier DHL).

    How much did you pay for shipping?
  3. Hi! Thanks for the response.. She charged me 37euro..
  4. That sounds exactly right for an DHL package up to 5 kilos. Did she give you a tracking number? If yes, the tracking page is available in English as well:

    If not, ask her for it since that service comes with a tracking number.

    I just shipped something to Canada via the Letter Branch of the German Post and that was trackable directly via the Canada Post website as well. Maybe that works with packages as well.
  5. Thanks ladies! And one more question does lv receipt look like this in germany? Sorry i asked bec i live in canada and the receipt here looks totally different :smile:


    Thanks alot!
  6. Yup, exactly like the receipts in Europe.
  7. Thank u very much! :smile: