Anyone from Copenhagen?

  1. Is there anyone here living in Copenhagen? I saw that they have a Marc by Marc Jacobs store and I was wondering how is it? I am visiting there in March and just told my husband he can try stopping me from entering the store. What do they usually have and the price range? I live in Norway and my source of Marc Jacobs so far has been from the Internet. When I found out that they have a store in Copenhagen I almost died! Here I thought I must wait a few more years before I visit Singapore see a Marc Jacob store!
  2. I know Radissen has "Copenhagen" written as her "location," but she's from the Balenciaga forum so I'm not sure if she's been to the Marc Jacob store, but you can try anyway...
  3. I'm from Copenhagen, but have only visited the store once since it opened in November (I think), so am by no means up to date with stock.
    They have a fairly good selection of clothes, but bag-wise I was very disappointed. When I went a month or so ago they only had a couple of styles. The only one I remember seeing was the Groovee in black and grey and the patwork variety, don't remember what styles the other ones were, but they have probably updated their selection since then anyway...
    Hope it helps a bit! :flowers:
  4. Thanks everything helps. I want to look at his bags closely (drool). I am sure I wont be making any big purchases as husband is along on the trip and he hates me using indecent amount of money on things even though it is my money! Who knows? I am known to be stubborn and he hates it when I get an idea in my head (like us taking a trip abroad for his birthday).