Anyone free for shopping/lunch/etc. in New York October 16 or 18?

  1. I'm coming back east with one of my boys the week of October 15. My wonderful MIL is going to watch him one day so I can get to New York for a haircut and Hermes shopping. :yahoo:I've never been to the Wall street store, but I am going to try to hit Wall Street and Madison Ave, that day. If anyone is free and wants to meet up--GREAT!!!
  2. I would love to but I can only get in for one day that week. Shoot! I wish I could meet both of you but I think eliselady only has the 17th free.
  3. Ummm, I have to check! Hang on a few hours........
  4. I can only do the 17th - I am really sorry.
  5. No worries,I understand! It was sweet of you to check!
  6. I'd better go on the 16th. If I go after you I will never score an HAC!
  7. Is there any chance you can go on the 17th? It would be so great to meet you. I promise to distract RC if a HAC comes into view!
  8. Hey!! No fair! You better go on the 18th Missy! ;)
    Oh, I wish you could come on the 17th.
  9. Hey there missy! You have the market cornered on these bags! In fact, I think I may have to change my date so you don't corner the market on all the October shipments to Wall Street and Madison Ave!:p

    Actually, I have to come back east again in November sometime around Thanksgiving to take my other son to that same eye doctor, so I may hit New York again!:yahoo:
  10. ^^I'm so sorry to miss you this time. Next time we'll meet for sure. (Maybe my scraps will grow in long enough for me to get a haircut at that time!)
  11. Oh dear, I am so sorry my dates are so inflexible. Hubby is flying me out so we can spend some much needed time together. Its a big deal to him and I just cant leave him on his own to meet with you - even though I might rather do that!
  12. Elise: Please don't apologize! :nogood:You really should pick your DH over a tPFer you have never even met!;)
  13. Since I'm new to tpf (but not new to H):yahoo: I would love to meet up...pending my meeting schedule that week!.....I'm usually in and around NYC and would love to talk FREELY(for a change instead of being asked what kind of bag is that where did u get it etc):yahoo: about the H obsession and our collections of course!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Moochies: My MIL has decided to come with me this Thursday, so I am the one who can't meet up now! We are headed downtown, then straight uptown to the salon, then over to Madison, then straight out of town to get back for BIL's birthday dinner.

    Hopefully in November!