Anyone for PSN tomorrow?

  1. Anyone else planning on going to PSN in about 25 hours!!! :yahoo: I'm so excited.....I'm finally bringing home my 2nd piece! omg...I didn't think it would be this soon since my last purchase. I think I have a problem.......:roflmfao:
    I hope I get to meet some of you there. (at least the PF'ers in Calgary)
  2. Perhaps.. but I have been trying to be good ! :graucho:
  3. don't mind me, i'm new here....but what is PSN??? anyone please.....
  4. My mind must not be working tonight....I would like to know too. :yes:
  5. Private Shopping Night at Holt Renfrew

    It's a Canadian version of NM or Saks etc.
  6. Private Shopping Night
  7. you also get cash back by gift cards depending on how much you spend
  8. Thanks.....
  9. Oh i just noticed this thread:smile: And silly me, i was posting in another thread lol
    My SA called me yesterday and told me about it, i was surprised because they had one only 2 months ago!! I am tempted but i am not sure what i want:smile:
  10. Does this PSN apply to Vancouver, BC?
  11. It should! I think it applies across Canada to all Holt Renfrew stores!
  12. I didn't get a call - but this is ok. Does it mean what Addy posted - are the same amount you need to spend to get a gift card?
  13. I think its just like last time, the more you spend the higher the gift card. You have to spend a lot to get the 300 dollar one though
  14. Search for private shopping night or holt renfrew and there's a thread where the first post tells you the exact denominations you have to spend for each "category" of gift card back.

    That thread is actually quite helpful! Some gift w/purchase deals posted in that thread too!