Anyone for a gift of a Suhali Le Fabuleux?

  1. Here I go again asking for buying advice. This time it is a birthday gift . . . for my grandmother. She is 68 and has never been a big Louis fan.

    I love Louis. Can you tell, folks? She has always been an Hermes-carrying lady, but while shopping with my mother in CA supposedly said she had seen some of the newer styles and colors of Louis that she liked.

    And for me, after seeing Le Fabuleux I think it would be ideal for her. She loves brown and thought that the Sienna would be elegant and beautiful for her . . . and be a bit more current.

    The woman wouldn't know what to do with another Birkin or Kelly. Uggh.

    I'm eager as usual.

    Any thoughts? Here it is . . .
  2. Good choice. Does she know it is coming or is it a surprise? Maybe take her into the boutique and let her pick one herself.

    Best of luck to you!
  3. Ok, here are my suggestions, taken them for what they're worth LOL

    First, the Le Fab is truly FAB!!! The Lambskin Riveting is a similar price point. I've seen this bag in person and I would LOVE to have one, just out of my price range right now. Of course these two bags may have too much hardware on them for your grandmother. Obviously you know her best.

    In thinking about some of the newer styles she might have seen and like, I'm wondering if the Azur line has caught her eye?

    Epi is also elegant. Given her love for Hermes, perhaps an Epi Croisette or Riviera might be to her liking? A new Epi piece I love is the Montaigne!

    Keep us posted with what you decide!!
  4. Forgot to add that the Houston in Amarante is stunning!!! Of course I've heard of fingerprint complaints and this may be too much "LV" for your grandmother, but I think it is quite sophisticated looking!
  5. I wish someone would give me a Le Fab, that's one of my dream bags!
    I'd probably get her the white one or as you posted, the Sienna.
  6. Gosh, what a sweet grand daughter you are :biggrin: Le Fab would be great! But IMO, I prefer the gold hardware ;)
  7. I love the Le Fab. Would she like the black at all.
  8. Awww nuts, the title of this thread made me think you were handing out a Suhali gift to us...


    I think your choice is perfect!!

    Edit: Also love Verone!!
  9. WOW! what a great granddaughter!
  10. damn, can you adopt me? lol.
  11. The Le Fab in any color, as you have surmised, is one of the ultimate dream bags for LV fans. Whatever color you pick is going to be fabulous! I love the white one myself, but would certainly go for every color there is, especially the new one --- Verone.

    You are so thoughtful!! Your grandmother will be so happy. Let us know what you decide!!
  12. Good choice :smile: how with Suhali L'Ingenieux? More classic & not too eyecatching.
  13. I think you meant " a great grandson!" ! :smile:
  14. I think you have excellent taste and the bag would be just right for a mature woman. Very elegant. Great choice.

    A little advice: don't but the bag too early in case she want's to exchange it. But it latest a couple of days before her birthday so that she'll have time just in case she wants another color or something.:dothewave: Happy Birthday Grandma!!!
  15. This guy appreciates all the great advice. I'll keep you posted.

    And new ideas are welcome!