Anyone for a Disco??

  1. They've lost the plot price for the bag, will bright silver metallics really carry on for another season?? I'm getting quite tired of it already..Koobas used to be so unique, I've seen millions of copies of the Sienna and all they seem to do is copying other designers themselves...sad:sad:
  2. I stopped in Saks 5th Ave today to look at Koobas and much to my dismay, I was led by the sales associate to a hall of mirrors. The metallics, ultra patents and disco ball like handbags had me wondering what happened to the people who design for Kooba.
  3. I almost like the Carrie Disco silver tote, but for just under a thousand dollars! That's insane for a Kooba. I'm sorry! I have never understood the mirrored Natashas and Penelope clutches though. Those are just too Studio 54. And this coming from someone who loves the 70s! :shame:
  4. I do like the style of the bag-but how practical is it?? Just way too much silver! I like the silver penelope clutch-it's just enough shine without overdoing it.
  5. :throwup::throwup::throwup: --sorry---
  6. Poopie pants...
  7. It's a little too C-3PO for me... :tdown:
  8. I No Like! Those are just to shiney and the prices do they really get it?
  9. My thoughts exactly, except I'm not sorry!!!
  10. I love this bag! I don't know why, but that shiny silver is drawing me in. I do think the price is a bit high, though. Do Kooba's always go on sale?
  11. I actually like the Disco Brown better than the shiny silver. There are some Kooba Carries in the Disco silver on sale at I've purchased from them, super fast shipping and an authentic Rebecca Minkoff purse.
  12. I'm bummed....I keep hoping for some new fab styles that made Kooba, Kooba......maybe I'll just have to fight Shewolfy for the Gusttos now. :p
  13. I saw this bag in person on Thursday (someone was carrying it at an airport), and I hate to admit it, but I did like it. It looked much better in person and more chic and less like a disco ball, I didn't think 70s at all until I saw the picture from the website. The price, on the other hand, I cannot defend. What a shame that it's so expensive!! I hope it's not a sign of things to come