Anyone flown overseas while pregnant?

  1. Hi, I'm planning to fly overseas at 7 months pregnant. Has anyone here done any flying close to 7 months and how was your experience?
    I know that most airlines let you fly until 36 weeks.
  2. How long is the flight that you'll be going on? If you can, try to get an isle seat, so that you can easily get up and walk around without having to climb over anybody or wake anybody up in the middle of the night. Be sure to take walks often and drink lots of water & juices to keep yourself hydrated.

    I didn't fly while pregnant, but I know a few women who did. Their experiences were pretty positive, and the only thing they really had to take caution to was to walk around so they did not get cramps in their legs & hips from sitting for so long :smile:
  3. It will be a 10 hour flight.
  4. I flew plenty of times while I was pregnant with my daughter. Each flight was about 7 hours long. I walked around very often to keep circulation going and to prevent deep vein thrombosis. I had also purchased special socks for this too. The experience was fine! Not a problem at all! Make sure to stay hydrated, walk around and enjoy the flight! With this pregnancy, I am travelling yet again so I wouldn't worry!
  5. I flew many time pg, and often long-haul overseas flights. I'm short so I never have too much of a problem with leg room, but it is best if you can get a front isle seat (bulkhead) or an aisle seat.
    Drs recommend that you walk the aisles when you get a chance to keep your blood flowing.
    Bring some extra snacks w/ you to ward off hunger and queasiness.
    You can't bring your own water w/ you anymore, so I would ask for an extra bottle right away during boarding.
    Keep your luggage as light as possible, and go ahead and pay the skycap to lug it around for you.
  6. thanks for the info. Hopefully the air hostess are a bit more lenient with the water.
    Where do you get the special socks?
  7. When I was pregnant with my daughter I was in London so I just went to the local Boots (pharmacy) and they had the socks. I'm sure they are on the internet as well.
  8. thank everything posh
  9. no problem! Enjoy your trip! :smile::smile:
  10. 10 hrs - you need to keep moving, get the thrombosis socks and ideally drink as much water as possible.

    sorry I may be a bit of a downer but I flew at 5 months - 1.5 hrs and i had real problems. the baby dropped very low in the uterus, I could feel it, and my doc was quite concerned. she made me put my feet up for a whole day and I can't say I would be keen on repeating this experience. but this was just me. nothing bad happened, only I was quite worried.
  11. I would talk to your Dr about this. I believe it is typically recommended not to fly during 3rd trimester, but I could be wrong.
  12. My doctor did not recommend me fly in the 3rd trimester. There are other concerns when you travel, in addition to dehydration and blood clot. My doctor just didn't want me to go through additional stress on my body if I didn't have to - the long lines at airports, standing on your feet for too long, dealing with possible delays/cancellations, being away from your doctors, etc. Yeah, check with your doctor first. I do know plenty of women fly long-haul flights during their 5th, 6th, 7th month and are perfectly fine.
  13. I've flown each time I was pregnant, this last time being 32 weeks and managed fine. I agree front aisle seat is good because you get more leg room and it's easy to get up and just stand if you want. I walked the aisles when possible and drank a lot of water. In fact, the stewardess gave me an entire water bottle, lol. Just bring some of your favorite snacks, walk a lot, drink lots of water, and you'll be fine.
  14. I went on a 12 hour flight when I was 5 months pregnant...and I brought my 14-month-old son along! (what was I thinking?!) It was just my toddler son and me, with no other adult help (again, craziness!), but even so, I managed. Barely. At 5 months along with my second child, I was big but not so big that I couldn't get around and haul both my son and luggage. However, I got tired VERY easily...add jet lag and a demanding toddler into the mix and I was totally exhausted for most of the trip. I wouldn't recommend being pregnant and traveling alone with a toddler overseas. I don't know what I was thinking.

    However, if you're 7 months along traveling with a spouse/partner and have no other children, and if your OB says it's OK, then I don't see why not. Bring a copy of your medical records WITH you on the trip, especially if you have any medical conditions. Very important just in case you need to go to an emergency room. Also, do research ahead of time and find out which maternity hospital(s) you can go to if you have a problem. Make sure you're traveling to a location where there won't be any food safety issues (clean water, food, etc).
  15. thanks for the info.
    I ask 2 doctors and they said it was ok to fly.
    I ask my obstrictian he said that i could fly but he personally wouldn't if in the same position. He said it would be 1/4000 people who might get DVT, for a pregnant women 1/2000 who might get DVT.
    Such a hard decision.