anyone find themselves doing this....

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  1. so after all the years, all the bags, all the weading out and giving away, i now find myself just grabbing a pouch like bag with a long strap and going....i like the freedom of wearing it cross body and hands-free;lately i have just been carrying my cc cards, keys, cell, kleenex and cash... i have twin four year olds so i have gotten tired of fighting a larger bag; i have all these gorgeous medium-large size bags, and find myself not really using them on a day to day basis....i am looking at the lv damier macau clutch...except that it doesnt have the long strap,it has a wristlet strap...i guess as our lifestyles change, the bags change with it...i have out grown my diaper bags, kids too big for that now, i dont really need anything for them except handwipes and i always have a ton of those in my car. just wondering if anyone has found themselves just grabbing their wallet or pouch or a small bag and using that mostly for their days...i am a stay at home mom so i dont need anything for work...does anyone have any ideas for this style bag?
  2. if you like lv and want something small--the danube would be great! It comes in regular mono and also mini lin.
  3. This is so funny because I do the same thing! Like you, I have four year old twin boys, and it's just too hard to keep up with a satchel and two little dynamos!

    I went to Europe this summer to visit family, and I ended up buying a crossbody bag and wore it faithfully! I've since found a couple of great European designers and have a couple of crossbody bags that I love! You're right--our bag choices do reflect what our daily lives look like, and I know that I've gone off the path when I have too many bags sitting in my closet!:Push:

    Coach has some nice legacy crossbody bags, so if you like leather and the legacy style, that's a great choice (the Legacy Hippie). They also make a nice Ergo crossbody--leather is really nice and the bag itself is very light.:Push:
  4. OMG, I was just about to post the same type of question/topic....I LOVE all the bags I have collected but sometimes I do find myself to lazy to carry them. I just grab the easiest bag I have and go....
    I LOVE great leather and therefore have collected mostly Chloe bags....but then they are heavy..but GORGOUES!
  5. Sometimes I can't even be bothered with a bag at all, not even a clutch! :biggrin:

    I just grab a continental wallet and go! :yes:
  6. :tup: Good to know, ladies, I'm not the only one lazy carrying my bags. Being very much obsessed with the bags ~80ish, including some 11 Hermes bags I find myself mostly grabbing my beloved Large Orange Burberry Tote (kinda togo or clemense leather :P) or XL LV Croissant (discontinued model).