anyone find themselves carrying the pochette daily?

  1. :shrugs: I find I have room to spare if I don't need a water bottle or some type of note pad. And then my pochette loses shape so I end up bringing something extra.
  2. I do when I don't have a ton of stuff to lug around for school. I love mine.
  3. i carry them when i am out on errands. which is like, everyday. but if im out with my family, i carry a bigger purse since my dh and dd likes to put their stuff in my bag
  4. It was nice carrying only the pochette- if fit perfectly on my lap, carried it easily like a clutch and was just the right size for my Koala!
  5. Since Winter is over!
    I have been carrying my AZUR Pochette for the last few days.
    I carry it with an extender for extra comfort.
    And today, a long strap so that I can sling it across.

    I can have my cles, gucci wallet, mobile, camera and name card holder.
  6. I always carry a pochette! I don't carry much: cles, razr, mini agenda, gum, & a pen. This is the perfect size bag for me
  7. thats me in a nutshell! or obviously, an LV bag..:rolleyes:

    I first never wanted a pochette because I thought it was only for the younger crowd, but with a strap extender, I feel its a nice fit.
  8. I use one of my pochette to put tooth paste, make up etc. Sometime I carry it as a bag..
  9. I love my Pochettes! I have three (four if you count the Navona) and all of them (with the extender and long strap) will be jetting to FL with me when I go on vacation in a month. Throw in my Ludlow, a Cles and my digital camera and I am all set!
  10. I love my mono pouchette!,im currently lusting one in Damier canvas =]. I use it as a regular purse,I usually just carry my cellphone,lipgloss&mirror,my hello kitty plastic wallet(yes those kiddie ones),and im good to go!.
  11. I use mine almost daily. I keep my damier pochette inside a bigger bag and then use just the pochette for running into the grocery store, etc. :heart: pochette!
  12. I don't use mines everyday, but I do llke them for going shopping, going out to dinner or to the movies.
  13. Oh yeah, definately! Especially when I first got mine. It's so convinient, you can use it over the shoulder, wristlet, or clutch.
  14. I've been eyeing one, you are making me think I should get one!
  15. I always carry a pochette, usually in a larger bag. When I go out to lunch from work, I just grab the pochette. It's very convenient!