Anyone Find the Carly strap slips off narrow shoulders?

  1. I decided after much disappointment in what I loved not fitting me well, Legacy heavy etc... that I was just tired of having to return somethinng that was uncomfortable or just did not hang right and was not me. I went to the largest mall near me to talk to my SA that knows me pretty well and what I can wear to find a light bag to travel with this week as we are going to Savannah on Thursday. I had plenty of totes but not Coach. I am going to pass outlets on the way back. My SA let me have a seat on the couch and look through all the catalogs and see what was still left that I liked like the drilldown. Although I did see a very few, I have to see them in the store and try them on for length of strap and wideness of strap. I was basically looking for something Khacki and Gold, So, I decided to just try on the Carly in medium, gold and when I had my light corderoy jacket on, it was light and fine for the center of the strap is wide. They just got the gold and saddle medium's in . When I took off my jacket...I had a tank top on, sleeveless and I have narrow shoulders and that made the difference, the gold (softer leather) and the saddle just slipped off the shoulder....making it hard to stay on. I wondered if any one of you had that problem with the Carly with narrow shoulders. The Ergo patchwork in Indigo was not in as yet, just the large khaki was in and it was huge. The ergo leather hobo's or totes are a bit hard to break in and the vintage leather is lovely but heavier and expensive. So, I was impressed that I took nothing home for a change that I did not love. Even the SA said she did it all the time and she is the manager as well if it did not look right to her. It was all about comfort and look. there is a site on the bags most worn or you love the most..but what is the most comfortable useful bag that you like in your collections? That would help me. I like totes..signature preferably for they are easy to get in and out of...but have not seen any that I like right now. Thanks!!!!!
  2. I dont have narrow shoulders but I just took my denim carly for a test drive yesterday and she passed for me
  3. I can't keep my Soho Flap on my shoulder, that is why I lean toward skinny straps....yet the legacy zip top strap is just fine, maybe because it is pretty short.
  4. My Carlys don't slip off my shoulder at all but then again I am built like a tank! You have just had way too much trouble finding bags that will work for you. This should be fun, not agony! I wish I had a suggestion for you.
  5. I have broad shoulders & the med size just didn't "fit". I can't explain it exactly. The strap on the large size is a much better fit for me, but I just wish it wasn't so big.
  6. I just posted in a previous thread that my new med carly slips off my shoulder. I returned the large ergo after it would not stay on my shoulders either. The gals at the store told me to wear the carly tilted a little w/ the large piece of leather not directly in the middle of my shoulder. The verdict is still out...
    I can't exchange this bag -- I will look absolutely ridiculous to these gals at Coach. They said they have never heard of the carly not staying on shoulder. Hmmm.
  7. Shellyb17 just returned her medium leather Carly because she said it wouldn't stay put. You wouldn't look ridiculous. They should want you to be happy with your bag.
  8. I have a demi and I think the straps on it are a bit narrower than the larger Carly's, but I wish I had some advice for you. I feel horrible that you just can't find something to suit you well. Hopefully something will come along that is made for you.
  9. That is a big issue for me! No matter how beautiful the bag could be and how stylish, the fit is what matter. I love to wear them under my arm so they better fit. That was my problem with the striped tote, it kept sliding and laughing at me!!
  10. that's the problem I had with the large carly. I couldn't keep it up to save my life.
  11. My carly never slips off my shoulder. Did you try it on with some weight in the bag?? It is not a lightweight bag though Lynn - it has a lot of harware - you wouldn't be happy with that. Have you tried just the signature shoulder bag???
  12. haha I love how they tried to tell you to wear the Carly differently! LOL

    Don't be embarrassed of returning it b/c of your unique reason, it's not worth keeping if you're not comfortable with it.
  13. Alright so to answer your inquiry Rainbow 06, I too have narrow AND bony shoulders so when I went in to try on the beautiful cotton carlys they kept sliding off my shoulder too.

    So you're not alone. As you can see, other's have experienced the same.

    I decided on getting the demi carly because of its thinner straps. ;)

    Hopefully Coach comes out with a new style that we can keep on our shoulders soon! haha
  14. Exactly then all things slip on us and feel a bit heavier....but this is the way GOD made me although I could swear my shoulders had some more flesh on them a few years ago, I liked then better then...thanks for your reply,
  15. I know of no other person like me that sits at Coach and tries on bags and they are heavy and slip off my shoulder as well. so if i can get that most people do who just fall in love with a style and it works so well for them....that would be wonderful to have a few different styles and satchels..Coach heaven!!!!