Anyone find new Manolos at NM on sale?

  1. I'm starting this as a new thread as the heavy action for the NM sale adds seems to be the one on purses...I've tried all my google tricks but haven't found any new Manolos on sale,anyone else find any?
  2. Black "Merdolia" sandals in size 36.5 or 40 - $398


    These are adorable! But, like all the others, not my size. :push: Sorry if any of these are repeats! I'm trying to find ones that haven't been posted before. Not that the ones that HAVE been posted are available any more!
  3. mockinglee-- you're amazing...thanks for posting everything!
  4. Those are great!

    I ought to be on a far I'm safe nothing is in my size!
  5. Heh heh...I know. I'm sad there's nothing in my size, but at the same time, relieved. I can't find any more Manolos. Hopefully someone will snag something good. Will look again in the morning. Happy shopping!