Anyone find just seeing a pound or two coming off the scale is great motivation?

  1. I started working out again a few weeks ago and I've been making it to the gym 3 times a week. I didn't weigh myself the entire time, and even though I've only lost a pound or two . . . it feels great! And it makes me want to keep going regularly! My body fat ratio's gone down .5-1% as well though.

    Am I a weirdo?
  2. No, shedding any amount of pounds should be very rewarding! But as for me..I get really excited when I see 5 lbs..and more dropped..hahaha! I'm not easily satisified but you should definitely be proud of yourself. Congrats!

    how much are you thinking of losing ?
  3. I guess it's just because I'm not really expecting to lose much, if at all. I'm trying to build muscle so I might see the numbers creep back up a tad. I started 5'2" and 108 and am now 5'2" 106 consistently (so not water weight). It was a nice surprise to see the (small) drop though :smile: I definitely feel better.
  4. Chinadoll, I'm in the same boat as you. I really don't expect to lose much. I'm 5'0 and weigh 102-103. It fluctuates. So far I have only lost 3 lbs of fat. I would like to lose 5 lbs more, hopefully mostly body fat around the stomach area. I have been consistent in my workout the last 3 mos. I try and workout everyday if I can.

    I like speed walking incline/treadmill. I will do 60 mins or more and I do 15-20 of stretching, bicepcurls, sit-ups (I'm up to 250 now, yay!!)

    I have also been watching what I eat. I haven't had any junk food the last 3 weeks, haven't craved it, so it's all good! It definitely feels good.

    Good luck in your goal and keep it up!! :tup:
  5. Hell yeah it def feels good to see the scales dropped! I'm 5"2 and currently weigh 99 lbs. I want to keep it at least 99 lbs tops, and don't mind losing 1-2 lbs, but losing more than 2 lbs will make me too skinny and I will look like a sick person and my face can look so old (it happened before, so I know how it looked).

    My weight can yo-yoed up and down quite easily. It's great coz sometimes I can be a like a pig, especially if I like one type of food for example then I can eat that over and over for days or weeks.

    I have to be careful with my food now, coz I'm taking Body Pump classes regularly now coz I'm trying to build up some muscle to shape my body better. I dont really want to like really build up muscle, only a bit, more like toning.. and being fat and muscular will look gross on me I think.

    OT.. I like Madonna's body.. she's thin and muscular (those arms!) and she looks terrific.
  6. Wow, chanelvgirl! Those are long workouts. I usually go for 40 min of cardio and 15 min of weights. I want to add on a swim in addition to that though. And I only go 3-4 times a week. I haven't been watching what I eat . . .and I'm scared to. Not because I can't do it, but I'm afraid I won't be able to keep it up and my metabolism will be too slow when I start eating what I want again.

    sarah- 95 was my lowest at this height, but I think I looked too skinny even though I was really healthy. I do want to get around 102 though. I look skinny, but all the extra weight's in my thighs and butt and it's incredibly stubborn. hehehe, it does mean i have really strong thighs though. I rep 100 with the hip flexor machines.

    And Madonna looks great for her age, but I like her muscles look a little too stringy.
  7. My extra weight is my belly area:sad: It's hardest to lose the fat there. I really would like to run instead because you tend to burn more body fat that way, but I have a problem with my one of my knees. It's just too bad really. My daughter likes to run and she does marathons, the 25 mile runs. And she loses weight really fast when shes in training. But she also gains them back quick if she stops training, lol.
    98 lbs is probably my goal weight. Anything lower than that, will make me looked aged. God knows I don't need that!
  8. I started working out again about three weeks ago (cardio). The scale says I'm now five pounds lighter, but I figure it's probably water or muscle loss, so earlier this week I started working out with weights. I'll REALLY be motivated once I tone up, and my clothes start to fit better.
  9. I love it!! That is why I weigh in every day... a pound or two down is huge, a pound or two higher means more work... either way, I have the motivation I need.
  10. See the results of my weight loss efforts either on the scale, the tape measure, or in my pants being looser was probably one of the biggest things that kept me motivated throughout my entire weight loss journey. So, no, I don't think you're being weird by being psyched over losing a couple of pounds.
  11. Ok, ArmCandyluvr, you're on a whole different playing field :smile: Your story is amazing!
  12. So I went shopping today for jeans and after trying about 12 pairs, I finally found one that fits right, yay!!!:yahoo:Oh, and the great thing is, I went down one or 2 size depending on the brands I was trying on, yipee:yahoo:
  13. I find loosing one or two pounds really motivating. Makes me want to then loose more!