Anyone feel like paying $2600 for a City?

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  1. As I am planning to get a Rouge VIF City, I thought I would contact Cosmopolitan Shoes in Australia because it would be more convieniant for me, being in Australia also...

    Umm... maybe not.

    I was quoted AU$2600 for a Balenciaga City... I was like "wow... ok then"...when I can get one from Aloha rag for about AU$1500

    I can safely say that I will never buy or consider buying a Bal bag from Australia again... unless I'm desperate

    My first bag was from Cult Status, which I paid a fair bit more for than if I had gone through Aloha Rag or another retailer overseas.

    I like to support local business, but how outrageous!

    Anyone else had experiences with over-priced goods?

  2. Hello Fashion Cult, being a Melbourne girl too, I can sympathise. I would love to buy my bags locally, but I can't justify spending another $1000 to support the local economy. I really don't understand how local retailers can charge that much more. Another 10% to 20% I can understand, but otherwise it's outrageous. That's why I buy from Aloha Rag or wait till I go to Hong Kong.
  3. :shame: hehehe, i probably would if i completely was dying to get the colour! i'm always over paying for my saucy yummy b-bags! its the price i pay for my addication - so go hard if you LOVE it... btw, i've got a rouge vif city and its HOT! :drool:
  4. Well, Aloha Rag is SOLD OUT :sad:
  5. yup, before I came onto the PF and found out about AR, I used to buy from Barneys NY and get them to ship international to me, and the shipping fee was US$100!! Then I get hit by customs, so at the end, each of my cities cost US$1500.

    When I buy from my local Balenciaga, it'll also cost me about US$1500.
  6. Does Customs charge you on deliveries from Aloha Rag ? Or do they usually come through without a problem?

  7. :sad:

    I got a B-Bag shipped out to New Zealand from Barneys... I got charged for shipping and Customs... Can't remember how much Customs was :confused1: sorry!!! The price of LOVE is PRICELESS!!!

    I hope you find your Rouge Vif
  8. I bought my bbag with AR. Fedex delivery was free and there's next to no chance of getting charged customs cost they declare a much lower value!

    I've rung Cosmo Shoes a few times and they sounded like they had no idea about Bal bags. Plus I thought the SA was a bit rude. When I was quoted the price, I was like-"no way for that kind of service!"
  9. All the time. It's all abt economic margins .. In singapore, the market is small and the retailers have to do a hefty markup on imported things cause there is only so much they can sell to a population of 4 odd mio. -imagine the captive audience for b bags among singaporeans ! I rem years ago before estee lauder took mac into singapore, makeup specialty stores were selling mac lippies at sgd50 and over . Now I believe mac lippies are at sgd20 to 30 at the counters? I boycotted true colours as I thought they were being ridiculous with laura mercier and philosophy makeup too!
  10. Thanks for the info about shipping! Good to know...

    When I rang Cosmo Shoes I was like "do you have a 06' Rouge vif city" and shes like... "huh... the red one?

    So I asked for the price...

    And the price deeeeeeefinately put me off!
  11. I've bought three bbags from AR and not once have I had a customs fee to pay:smile:
  12. As you know I am a fellow Aussie too and I never buy Bbags here as they're way too overpriced! The service is not that great either considering the prices you pay. Call Barney's or BalNY and order direct over the phone. They open at 11am which is at about 2am "down under" time. Even Aloha Rag is fab and the postage is free over $500!

  13. Actually, I haven't bought from AR yet, but I so intend to!! Waiting for AR to get the vert deau, then :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: