anyone feel coach is OVERRATED

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  1. I know coach has BIG followers, I know. But I mean to spend 500-700 bucks on a mass-produced item it crazy!!! Also, its not like the bags even go up in price or they may but not as much as chanel bags do.

    I think a coach bag is good for like an everyday thing, I guess. I mean they are well made but it doesnt compare to high couture and I just feel Coach gets talked about way too much for being just an ordinary brand!

    What do you feel? I sooo understand if you think the complete opposite but just be nice lol thanks
  2. Welcome to the Coach forum! LOL!!

    Seriously, if Coach isn't your thing, that's cool. But I'm not sure that I agree that Coach gets talked about way too much for being an "ordinary" brand. Ordinary, IMHO, is found at Walmart or Target. I don't consider any handbag that costs more than a few hundred dollars ordinary. I also don't compare any of my Coach bags to Chanel or Balenciaga personally. I don't expect it to be those. I see it as something that is quality that I can afford. I personally am not comfortable with paying more than $500 on a handbag. That's just me. In the grand scheme of things, all designer handbags are overrated! Again, just IMHO!
  3. coach is awesome. they are great bags at what is not exactly outrageous prices. they aren't that common because select stores carry them. i live in a decent sized city and the only places that carry authentic coach are dillards and sometimes tj maxx. i have to drive 30 minutes to an outlet or 45 minutes to a boutique. i wouldn't compare it to chanel or higher priced designer bags but it is something i can afford and love.
  4. :tup: i agree 1000000%
    I don't see what all the fuss is about i see the bags and they are just so ugly IMO my bf likes coach and i literally CRINGE when she wants to go into the store...everything about the brand i can't stand btw you posted this in a coach thread so we might be the only ones who feel this way about coach
  5. Yeah, I figure if you don't like it, that's OK by me. We all have different tastes which is what makes it so wonderful that we have so many choices! Individuality is awesome!
  6. Hi SweetPiaffe,
    before I begin I'd like to first welcome you to TPF. You do have to realize that those of us who post regularly here on Coach truely love our Coach bags and dont consider them over rated at all. In some eyes they may be "ordinary" but regaurdless, speaking for myself and many others here, we love everything Coach has to offer. And if we didnt we wouldnt be posting here.
  7. I live in a large city and coach is super common. Almost everyone is either carrying Coach & LV (often cheap imitations).
  8. So true! How boring would it be if we all had to shop at the same store?!:push:
  9. Well, I LOVE Coach, but sometimes I think their prices are pretty crazy. I own a Patchwork tote, which was around $260 ( at a very discounted price) and a Signature Duffle and both are gorgeous bags (to me) but neither one has very much leather on it...and yet they are sooo expensive. I was wondering why a handbag would be so expensive when it's not even made out of leather.

    Still, I love my Coach products....:heart:
  10. Well I think right there in what you said .. just goes to show you that you are paying for the name .. lol

  11. Isn't this the case with any designer handbag?

    I'm not inviting a discourse on the quality, timeless styles, and the intricacy of what goes into a "hand made" handbag (versus one that is in "mass produced" like Coach). When it comes right down to it, we spend on what we like. Women here like Coach, plain and simple. Other women will talk about their loves of LV, BBags, Chanel, etc. You are welcome to join in with those that share the same interests as you. That's the beauty of this forum - there's something for everyone.

    Whether you like Coach or not doesn't matter....but IMHO, I don't think it's appropriate to come in and trash a brand that people obviously love.
  12. overrated? possibly. overpriced? sure. paying for the name? definitely.

    it's common, yes. maybe that's why people look down on it. i don't know. it's low on the teirs of designer bags, but it's still not "cheap". i do, however, think coach is getting an inflated ego- quality isn't going up, but the prices are. and if i'm gonna drop that money, i might as well invest in something that will keep it's value longer.

    but don't get me wrong, coach was my first love- so it has a place in my heart. the shoes kickass, lol.
  13. whenever this happens (and it happens a lot, nothing against this person whatsoever because i don't know her intentions), it reminds me of what teachers would say about bullies in middle school or something. oh, they just need to pick on people to make themselves feel better.

    and that's kinda true.

    we just need to be a big purse lovin' family. *cues the kumbaya "let's all hug and play nice" music*
  14. I agree.
    And I LOVE the shoes, the ones I have are SO comfortable.

    But yeah, why come in here and bash a brand people love? This has happened in the LV forum and even in the shoe area with someone saying CL's are overrated. It's fine not to like something, but don't make others feel bad for liking it.
  15. Yeah, I agree. I mean of course a lot of the products are over priced, but as it's been pointed out before, isn't any designer bag? And yes, we do usually pay for the name...but it's a name we know and love. And it's not just the name, but also a style that is affiliated with a designer also.

    And most makes us feel better when we have a bad day. *hides in the corner* Please don't take it
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