Anyone fancy a reveal?

  1. Lovely family congrats;)
  2. Very pretty and a fab addition to your collection. Congrats on a new Mulberry :smile:
  3. Thanks CP! Hopefully one day I'll have some modelling pics as good as yours :smile:

    Thanks Jan! :biggrin:
  4. :p:shame: thank you!
  5. Love the sparkly bays! She is lovely! A bag organiser will sort that slouch out :smile:

    You have a lovely collection - something for every occasion :smile:
  6. A great collection....lovely variety....congratulations!

  7. Lovely collection Sammi.

    I reckon that everyone's Mulberry bags say a lot about their personality (there's probably a whole thread in this idea:p) - to me, you're a lovely conventional person on the outside (classic neutral-coloured bags) with a secret wild side (the subtle sparkle of the Bays and the hidden pop of colour of the phone case).

    (this theory's been bubbling under ever since I realised that my love of Old Bags might say something about my personality :wtf:)

    Enough of my flights of fancy - your new Bays is gorgeous!
  8. Very pretty! Love the sparkle! Congrats!
  9. Thank you :smile:

    I absolutely love your theory and you are completely spot on with my character analysis! Who knew my bag habit would be so revealing - maybe I could class buying bags as therapy? Help my discover myself :upsidedown:

    Thanks Moo :biggrin:

    Thanks Cookie, I'm waiting for my organiser to arrive... I ordered one for my Hobo and will be interested to see how it fits in my Bays.
  10. Love it, congrats!
  11. Interesting theory Plemont, looks like you've nailed Sammi and her collection perfectly........dare I ask what mine say? :giggles:
  12. Cute collection hun - and I wouldn't worry about the slouch factor in your lovely Bays - I have both rigid and slouchy (my RO) and imo they are both lovely in their own way, and the latter very comfy to tuck under your arm!!!:smile:
  13. Great idea for a thread!
  14. Well she went to work with my today and did sit very nicely on my shoulder. I think slouchy does suit the leather well which is good as the bag organiser arrived today and definitely wouldn't be any good for her! She sat on my desk in the sun and sparkled away :biggrin:
  15. I don't understand your post. Was it to show off your new bag?