Anyone fancy a reveal?

  1. ooh haven't done a live reveal for ages... no idea.... a little peek perhaps...
  2. I'm here! Let's see.
  3. Hi Samm - soz for rolling up late (my speciality!).....:graucho:
  4. :whistle:...we're waiting (hehe!).....
  5. Hehe, sorry for the delay, was drinking a starbucks... nom nom nom! Here's a hint:

  6. Show us :biggrin:
  7. Put that coffee down hun and get on with it (just kidding.....take your time!!)....
  8. Bays....?...
  9. Bays?
  10. :tup:

    Bays it is!

  11. Ledbury?
  12. East west bayswater?
  13. Ah crossed posts, lovely, lovely Bays.
  14. Thanks Fiona :amuse:

    This is her side on, a little too slouchy for my tastes but I'm hoping a bag organiser will sort that out!


  15. Lovely - congrats!...:smile: