Anyone familiar with this site?

  1. Hi everyone! I just found this incredible PF today, and I hope I'm in the right thread to ask this question: has anyone heard of/purchased from I'm absolutely obsessed with finding the best deal on the Chloe Edith, and this site has it listed for 560.00 in the "Wood" color. After reading thru threads here, now I'm more paranoid than ever about buying a fake. I wasn't this stressed out in purchasing a car! Any comments would be so appreciated!:yes: Thanks!
  2. Thanks so much; it's almost impossible to tell if the sites you come across are legit are not. I'll keep looking and dreaming...
  3. MJ, you can definitely find good deals on eBay, but make sure to list the auctions on PF first in the "Authenticate This" thread. These gals can spot a fake a mile away.

    Good luck, and let us know what bag you're on the hunt for and we can try to help you find it for a good deal!:heart:
  4. You know, for a while there I was pretty serious about buying from that website. Pics looked great and so did the prices. But I did my research through different forums, just asking about the site and whether anyone had dealings with them, and I read so many bad things about it, people buying and never receiving the merchandise. Also, they said that there was no customer service to talk to to and people pretty much lost the money. Pics are stolen from other websites, like net-a-porter. I also read that someone was going to report this webisite for being a fraud, and for a few weeks I could not access, then they came back with, so I am extremely happy I did my research, saved a bunch of money and headache. Hope that helps:smile:
  5. I have been in contact with net-a-porter and they are pursuing it with their legal team.