Anyone Familiar With This Python Bag?

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  1. SO I saw this and thought so pretty, but I am worried about the Python. Does anyone own this bag and can give me advice on its wear/tear upload_2019-12-8_9-38-47.jpeg
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  2. I have the style bug not that skin. No experience with python. My karung bag has held up really well. Have you searched on python wear? I think it can be delicate but for some reason I’m remembering something about the treatment on this BV that makes it stronger.
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    That’s an anaconda skin from SS2018. I dont have any experience although I saw the skirt version of it and it looked well made and durable.
  4. As @jeune_fille wrote above, it's Anaconda.

    And, as @grietje posted, Karung wears really well, I think because of the finer nature of the skin (it's also a different type of snake) and it has a look not totally unlike lizard - which is probably why so many resale sites often mistake bags for lizard when they are in fact Karung (water snake)

    In my experience, the larger the scale, the more prone it is to lifting.
    I would be careful with any bag that has Python/Anaconda handles, only because of the extra wear they would receive.
    This particular Loop Bag is actually hand painted to give it that look, but it is still genuine Yellow Anaconda Leather. It also has a bonded suede interior rather than the regular suede interior found on the Nappa Loop Bags, so I don't think it has a zippered pocket inside. I would be careful about the bag rubbing against clothing while you're carrying it on the shoulder. Bottega Bags are excellent quality, but snake can be delicate.
    I looked at this bag as well but in Chamomile, as I know it has gone on sale at the outlets.
    Here's a pic of the Yellow Anaconda. Not as big as his sibling the Green Anaconda, but he's still a dashing little fella, no?
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