Anyone familiar with this gorgeous Juliana Jabour bag?

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  1. I haven't seen this bag IRL, but I completely agree with's gorgeous!! I saw it on Shopbop a while ago and it blew me away. It's on my wish list. Too bad white is the only one going for $220. I would consider buying one if the other colors were at that price too.
  2. i think it's pretty :smile:
  3. I got a Shopbop gift card today so since that would make it cheaper for me, I may consider getting it anyways. I guess if it's not as great as is appears I could always just return it!

  4. I bet the leather is super yummy! In the pic it looks stuffed full but if it were slouchy I'd love it. Do you think it fits over the shoulder?
  5. I was wondering that as well. I am still debating between it and some other bags, but if I do get it I will def give a report.

  6. I haven't seen it IRL, but it looks nice.