Anyone familiar with the Radiance Pearls on Hautelook?

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  1. wondering if they are good quality, worth the price:biggrin:
  2. #2 Feb 24, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2010
  3. i bought a pair of the earrings on that sale yesterday. i have bought from the pearl outlet and pearl paradise in the past as well. the sale price on the hautelook earrings were comparable to the pearl outlet everyday prices.
    in general, i think the pearl outlet is good, buti think sometimes the photos look better than the item you get. just my opinion.
    i'm looking forward to my radiance earrings. OP, did you decide to order? What did you get?
  4. ^^ I wanted to pick up a necklace for my mom, but she might prefer to see them in person first--the prices seem good but not too good to miss. I would love to see the earrings you purchased!
  5. thanks, i'll post them when they come. they are just the white freshwaters for my 5 yr old. i'm going to save them for her birthday.