Anyone familiar with the Los Angeles area?

  1. Hello, all! I'll be traveling to Los Angeles for a few days in August with my boyfriend and so I was hoping anyone familiar with the L.A. area can give me tips on good places to visit, shop, eat, and maybe spot a celebrity or two. :lol: :shame:

    And what are some nice not-too-expensive hotels I can stay at? We won't have a car so one close to a lot of key places would be great!

    So far, I definitely know I want to have lunch at The Ivy and dinner at Mr. Chow! :love:
  2. the Grove is really great--it's a less expensive place than say, Rodeo Drive (although they've recently opened a Guess and a Coach on Rodeo so you could go shopping without severe damage if you need to save for that teal bbag) and celebs are always around, like Paris Hilton and Hilary Duff. it's like Disneyland for adults, or as I once heard it called, "the opposite of Fallujah"; it's low key and great looking. I also saw Richard Lewis in a trench coat in the men's department at the Nordstrom arguing with an SA--hilarious. there are great vintage stores and sample sales--I'm not really sure where to begin bc I'm not sure what you'll have access to and what you're looking for, so maybe PM me? unfortunately idk about which hotels would be good but I'm sure someone else can help with that--may I ask when you're leaving? I'll be going back to LA in August.

    I also love Malibu Country Mart if you're in the 'bu--you could probably spot Britney dining at Moonshadows but I would prefer Duke's Malibu. it's got better food and you can see dolphins from your seat. for other eats, Roscoe's House of Chicken 'n' Waffles is great and if you like Mexican, you have to try el cholo--according to the back of the menu, they invented nachos!

    you'll probably want to be very LA and go shopping at Kitson (I've never been) or Fred Segal (love it) on Melrose--Melrose is a great street for shopping, including Agent Provocateur; and if you want new lingerie, also try Trashy. I think you do have to pay $2 for a yearly membership to Trashy but if you plan to buy, then I think it's worth it.

    I'm not sure if you'll have time for museums but let me know if you're interested--I would probably just eat and shop if I only had a few days.

    if you don't feel like partying but want to go out at night, try ArcLight Cinemas--I saw Victor Garber there!
  3. Brunch at Hugo's in West LA....I always see celebs there...this time I only went there once and saw Vincent gallo, Lucy Liu and last year I saw (on one visit) Pam Anderson, Dina meyer (who got stood up on a date there...she was shouting directions into the phone the whole time she was there and when she left she was telling off some guy who finally had arrived) and some guy from the real world. It's a fun place and I like the food.
  4. Are you sure on the "no car" in LA? LA, southern California, is all about driving...
  5. ^^^ yes you need a car for sure...LA is extremely spread out... You can rent one pretty cheap, but not having one will be frustrating. public transportation sucks. ( I tried doing LA carless once and ended up needing a car and renting one)
  6. to shop and see celebs:
    -Melrose (west side) is great. There's a lot of great shops there.
    -Robertson as you probably know.
    -uhkiwi, i like the grove.
    -Rodeo Dr. is nice to shop.
  7. I have to say, word. if you plan carefully, you can have a fun time on the LA Metro. you can get to Hollywood and Highland, Old Town Pasadena,... but unless there is no way to get a car, I wouldn't recommend it first. also, on weekdays you can get free valet parking on Rodeo--how very fab
  8. I went to LA this past March. We stayed at Le Meridian which is about couple of blocks up from the Beverly Center. We were close to everything. Soon as we got off the plane we went straight to Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles. We had dinner at Dolce (very good), Mr. Chow( was good but the customer service at this place was horrific.) We had reservations that meant nothing. We checked out the shops on robertsons and the MJ store plus Fred Segal. You have to try Sprinkles they have the best cupcakes. This is near Rodeo Drive. Have fun.
  9. The ladies above pretty much mentioned the good things: Fred Segal, the Grove, Rodeo. There are a lot of good seafood restaurants in Malibu. I also have to mention Amoeba Records in Hollywood if you like movies or music. It is the HUGEST, BEST music / movie store in the US, and the people watching is fun. I wouldn't go there on a weekend, though.
  10. check out rodeo, there are always plenty of people there: tourists and shoppers and such, but it's worth going! i just met cameron diaz at NM on rodeo last friday. a few blocks away is melrose and you can hit up the mj collection and the marc store. love it! ive never been to the grove myself but i plan on going very soon. i hear it's great :smile: also check out fred segal, kitson, and stores on robertson for more shopping! plenty of celebs love to shop around there.. maybe you'll see one around! when i met cameron it was totally out of the blue! my bf pointed at a rack of tahari and said 'isn't that cameron diaz'?! i looked at him like he had two heads.. but whaddya know, there she was just shopping around by herself! :biggrin: she was very nice when i approached her!

    my fave place to grab something quick to eat is pink's hot dogs in LA! it's so yummy and lots of celebs love to hit up pinks as well. :smile:
  11. Santa Monica is also lovely to walk around and shop 3rd street promenade and eat at Lobster on the Pier!
  12. I think you should rent a car. LA isnt know for its public transportation.
  13. No car may be a huge frustration. I ditto the suggestions here...BH including Barneys, Fred Segal Melrose or Santa Monica...Robertson Blvd...the Grove is good...Malibu Country Mart...these would be "classic" LA shopping experiences...

    Also, you might want to check out the book series "Where to Wear". There is an edition for LA that lists all/most of the shops in alphabetical order and by location. It includes maps and area restaurants.

    Where to Wear Los Angeles 2006: Fashion Shopping from A-Z (Where to Wear: Los Angeles) by Jill Fairchild, Gerri Gallagher, and Julie Craik (Paperback - Oct 15, 2005)
  14. Also second the recommendation for Santa Monica and 3rd St. Promenade. If you're watching your expenses, this is a great spot because there are so many street performers that you can enjoy hours of free (unless you tip) entertainment. For breakfast in Santa Monica, check out The Omelette Parlour on Main St. (saw Christian Bale there once with his family) or the Rose Cafe (popular with locals).

    For shopping, I second what everyone else has said. The Grove can get VERY crowded though.
  15. I love this area! Does anyone remember that restaurant in venice called Van Gogh's Ear? It was in an old house that had such character and it was open 24 hours and felt like someone's real house. I think it's closed now but was open five or six years ago. I loved that place (along with Omelette Parlour and Rose cafe)