Anyone familiar with Tabitha bags (Uk designer)

  1. I was looking at their sale stuff and considering this Minx bag. Any opinions??? Anyone know what the bags are like in real life? Yay or Nay ? (i'm not sure about the suede trim bits!)

  2. I've heard of them before, in connection with their Terrence Higgins Trust Clutch:

    I think it's really pretty and it raises money for charity. :yes:

    It's also available in other colours (but I don't think the proceeds go to charity for these):

    I think the bag you're considering is quite nice, although, I think I prefer the plain side, rather than the side with pockets, personally.

  3. Ok I just ordered the Quinny style, reduced from £175 tp £100 so couldn't resist! Will use it as a work bag/everyday bag. Hope I like it when it arrives as I haven't seen a tabitha bag in real life!

    What do you think?
  4. Very nice for an every day bag.
  5. i like it