anyone familiar with Orla Kiely bags??

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  1. Has anyone (especially those of you in the UK) used any bags by Orla Kiely? I think they are kind of cute - a lot of laminated canvas though. Please help!!!
  2. I have three:

    1.) Tan leather with patterned fabric interior - it has all multicolored feet - very cute! With matching wallet.

    2.) A beautiful deep blue leather, with burgundy leather handles. My favorite one! With matching wallet!

    3.) A very cute laminated shopper. It's a multi-green pattern. I think it's a tree pattern.

    I love her bags as you can tell!

    I can post photo's later.
  3. I love the patterns on some of them. I think theyre cute too.
  4. yup i have one it is a laminated hobo with a flower patern in red
    its my wet weather bag
  5. It doesn't like she's as big here as in Europe - I love her designs though~
  6. what a great summer collection. i wish i had heard of her sooner. thanks for the introduction.
  7. Great practical and attractive bags - I love the patterns and you see these bags reasonably often in London. They are fantastic say for when you are going to the market to buy your veg in wet weather. She also does clothes - a more expensive range that they sell in Liberty and i think Selfridges ( i got a great pair of cropped navy trousers fromher last year).She has done cheaper ranges of clthes for the UK high street in the past.
  8. I really like the patterns. I only have a make-up bag :sad:
  9. I love her patterns. When I worked at Anthropologie, we sold her bags, but people didn't seem to buy them, so they were always marked down. Reminds me of Merimekko.
  10. Her designs are wonderful.:love: I have a laminated fabric pear design bag and a corduroy stacked coffee cups shoulderbag with leather trim.
  11. Thanks! I decided to purchase the leaf tote - laminated, I'll never see one around here besides mine!