Anyone familiar with Marla Aaron's jewelry?

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  1. I am very intrigued by her simple pieces, but I am curious if anyone can tell me about the quality?
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  2. I bought my niece the SS bolt lock and she loves it. I also bought myself one of her gold chains to go with a lock that I already had. Pleased with both. might get an inlay or most probably an enamel lock (as they are considerably less pricey) next. What pieces are you looking at?
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  3. I love them and want to buy myself a piece, but I'm overwhelmed by all of the options. I like the square link chain, and trying to decide on a lock. I want yellow gold but when I see photos, I like the mixed metal looks with some of her pieces too. I'm going to try to see them in person this week.
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  4. I am not sure. Maybe the baby lock or chubby baby lock? What size lock did you get your niece?
  5. Let me know if you do!
  6. IMG_5523.JPG

    This is the one that I got her. She is a big David Bowie fan, so this was great
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  7. Thanks for introducing me to Marla Aaron - I really like her stuff! I’ve been searching for a special bracelet and think this is exactly what I’m looking for!
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  8. . Please share which one you are interested in
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  9. Was thinking the white gold rolo chain with a rose gold babylock would suit my other jewelry. But I’d better wait until I can see some of the pieces IRL first!
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  10. Your very lucky if you can see them IRL as you can have a play with them to see which one you love the best
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  11. I'm new to her line but in love and have a heart lock coming from a friend and ordered a chain - can't wait! Love unique jewelry!
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  12. Loooove her stuff; I have 2 baby locks and one regular one. The quality is excellent; she uses solid metals; no plated stuff.

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  13. I can see this will be the start of something. Mine just arrived and I'm already plotting which locks and chains I want to add to this, and going through my jewelry to see what I have that I can add to the lock. I got the 16" square link chain and medium lock.
    I lost my beloved pup recently and wanted something I could keep close. I had them engrave her name, and
    love that I can turn it so it doesn't show if I choose to.
  14. I’m sorry you lost your puppy. I hope this helps a little bit. Your lock is beautiful and I look forward to seeing your collection grow
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  15. Thank you so much. It's been tough.
    I've gone down the Marla Aaron Instagram rabbit hole.... I love seeing all of the ways people combine her pieces.
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