Anyone familiar with/have these Chanel shoes?

  1. I saw these shoes and I think they are just plain adorable, especially for someone who wears as much black & white as I do. They have a grograin ankle ribbon, with the knit flower on the front & CC logo on the flower, along with a "grograin-ish" texture to the front.

    Does anyone have them or remember seeing them? When were they from? Are they comfortable? Run small, big?

    Any help greatly appreciated! Thanks!
    ChanelShoes1.jpg chanelShoes2.jpg ChanelShoes3.jpg
  2. Seen it on eBay, and I think there was a flat as well.
  3. I've never tried them, but they sure are cute! :yes:
  4. I saw them at Bloomingdales, NYC.

  5. They went on sale last year. Very comfortable shoes. I bought a pair last year.
  6. Very cute shoes. I think I have seen them on eBay before.
  7. Well, I just bought them :yahoo:

    (haha, don't mind the "shopping ban" message in my signature :p :angel:)