Anyone familiar with Furla bags?

  1. I bought one a while back because I liked the blue, used it twice and its sitting in my closet. No receipt or tags (theyre around somewhere). Do they resell well on eBay? I liked it when I bought it, but I may as well eBay it since its not being used. Is Furla considered a designer bag? anyone?...thanks!
  2. Yes, not highest end designer, of course, but certainly designer. :yes:

    I don't own any Furla bags (yet!), but I've seen them in shops and they are very good quality.

    I'm afraid I've no idea on their resale value/popularity.....sorry!

    Furla - luxury and leather goods
  3. i have a white wallet that i bought two monthes ago.. i dislike it now.. :crybaby:
    they are good with colors.. but i dont know why i dont love their things all way long.. its like i love to look at it.. but not to own it if it makes any sense! :shame:
    i dont know about re sell value.. but Good Luck dear :upsidedown:
  4. I'd say you'd be able to resell it on eBay but you'd be very lucky to get anywhere near the purchase price. Start the auction at a price you'd be happy to sell it for and see how it goes.
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