Anyone familiar with Francinel bags?

  1. I found a cute backpack at a thrift shop by Francinel. It looks like a good quality bag, and most of the information is through French sites, etc.
  2. I've never heard of the brand but I checked out their website and they have some very nice looking bags!
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  4. Yeah, I just did another search and this is a description I was reading and copied/pasted a portion of the review. The photos of the purses on their site are pretty cool The backpack I found is a patent leather with regular leather straps, and the hardware and construction is really nice. Here's part of the write up I read:

    "Francinel products (mostly for women, but also for men), were born in Paris, made by the same leather goods manufacturing company marketing the Pourchet brand. The latter is regarded as high-level quality, and Francinel is categorized as medium-range."
  5. I just was in Paris and bought a Francinel bag. I had never heard of one either but it is very nice.
    I dont think they sell them in the US. Maybe one location in Canada