Anyone familiar with Emily Cho bags?


Oct 19, 2014
Hi Everyone,

I have been on the hunt for the perfect black bag. I wanted a bag to transition from day to night and finally move away from the large bag. For me, the bigger it is, the more I stuff. I am preferential to the structured bag. Anyway, after spending big bucks on a Givenchy Pandora, I realize that reaching that price point isn't comfortable for me. I love quality but I have to admit the cost is hard for to get to my point. I found a bag called the Emily Cho Lady Triangle Oversize satchel and I love it! That being said, I may not want to pay a lot but I do want quality. Anyone familiar with the bag?

Any reviews you can share is very much appreciated. Ps., I also have my eye on the Gigi New York Hayden satchel....any opinions on quality? I live in Canada and would have to order online both bags so any feedback before I bite the bullet is appreciated.

Thank you!!!


Jan 17, 2012
I have an Emily Cho folded clutch and it is beautiful. The construction is good, but if the same construction was used for a satchel, I would be hesitant how much weight I would put in it. Not to say I haven't stuffed mine, but I worry some of the seams are stressed. The interior of my bag is only a canvas material, and is not super soft or thick; but I believe the bag in question has a suede lining. I'm a bit confused on the treatment of the leather, perhaps because mine is a printed pattern on white, but my leather feels dry and like a piece of foam, however it is still soft feeling to the touch. I feel like it may not have been treated with a finish as it has no sheen, so because of this I have definitely babied it on my outings. Hope this helps some!