Anyone Familiar with Ebene Color in Ostrich?

  1. I'm looking to place a special order Ostrich bag in a larger size Plume. The turkeys at Hermes say the only color options available to me are Noir (black), Sable (dark brown), and Ebene, which they say is a "sand" color. Has anyone else ever seen Ebene in Ostrich before? Is it a clay taupe, or a more golden-beige or what? I'd like one in Brique or Chestnut, but the Farm is being VERY uncooperative with me. They are discriminating against Plumes, too--I could get a very large ostrich Birkin in whatever color there is. Hrumpphhh!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. "The turkeys at Hermes...":roflmfao: I haven't heard anyone refer to anyone as a turkey in a longgggg time!

    I'm sorry "the turkeys" are giving you problems with your order. I hope everything works out for you! Season's Greeting and Happy New Year!
  3. Ebene is a very dark chocolate, very close to black in some skins. In ostrich, I believe it's lighter, and in comparison, looks like Cafe in Clemence.

    Sable is not dark brown ...

    Wait a min ... you have gotten Sable and Ebene swopped around!
  4. A week ago someone carrying a 35cm Birkin in Ostrich Ebene was standing in front of me on an escalatar. Plenty of time to study her bag!
    It was truly beautiful. She was wearing a furlined leather coat in the same colour and it was stunning.
    I had my Kelly in Clemence Eben with me, and the color looked the same dark rich tone.
    Here's the link to my Kelly pics.
    I also had the chance to compare my bag next to a Kelly in Cafe, Clemence.
    Cafe is the same cool brown, but definetly several shades lighter. The Ostrich Ebene was much darker than that.
    Hope this helps.
  5. Ostrich in ebene sounds wonderful! And the plume is so elegant!