anyone familiar with brand Sunner?

  1. Shopbop has some Sunner jackets on sale and they are quite cute. Wonder if anyone here has items of this brand? wanted to know quality wise and fit.....many thanks and happy holidays!
  2. I just bought a sunner jacket from the Shopbop sale! I should be getting it tomorrow so I will let you know!
  3. thanks effinhaute!
  4. I have two dresses made by Sunner that I got on sale from Adasa. Very cute!
  5. Laksala - yes, I love sunner! Their product is sold at Barneys Co-Op and they have very cute dresses and cropped jackets. I have a few tops and a cropped jacket from last season and while the quality is just ok, the fit is quite nice and they are reasonably priced.
  6. Yes the make super cute dresses. Quality and fit for the two pieces I have (dresses) are great.
  7. thanks everyone! think i might get the jackete at Shopbop, if it is still available!