Anyone familiar with B.A.R.T?

  1. No, not the Bart you slept with in college. I mean B.A.R.T. in the bay area. I have to go on a biz trip tomorrow and I am flying into Oakland and then need to get to the 400 block of Market street in SF. As I recall, I can take the shuttle to BART and then take BART to the Embarcadero exit..then it is a short walk to my destination..but I could be wrong. Keep in mind I will be in a suit and high heels, so I don't want to be hiking all over the city. Any tips?
  2. Bart is my fiance :p

    ...but other than that, know nothing about BART :smile:
  3. Yes, there is a shuttle from Oakland Airport to BART, and you can take BART all the way to the Embarcadero.

    What is the address you will be going to in SF?
  4. 425 Market street..
  5. will be smack in between the Embarcadero exit and the Montgomery exit.

    When you initially get on the BART train, try to sit toward the very front of the train so when you exit at Embarcadero, you won't have to walk so far.

    You'll have to walk two blocks, at the most, if you exit from the far end of Embarcadero (the end farthest away from the water)
  6. Thanks Smokehouse. Maybe I should just suck it up and get a cab...?
  7. No no one here takes a cab for two blocks!

    I take BART and I work downtown all the time wearing 4-inch Miu Miu heels, and I can comfortably walk at least 4 blocks.

    Or did you mean a take a cab from Oakland Airport to SF?
  8. :yes: That was funny, yep, I meant take a cab from the airport, especially since I will have a damn carryon and a laptop with me..:sweatdrop:
  9. There are some things to consider.

    What time of day are you arriving? If it's during commute hours and you decide on a cab, better be prepared for traffic and hopefully you don't have to be at 425 Market at a designated time. The cab fare will probably be between 30-50 bucks.

    The BART ride will probably be a 20-minute ride and cost you 8 bucks. (But I'm not sure about the airport shuttle part)
  10. Thanks for the info!! Since I get there at noon, I think I will take BART, plus it sounds much more fun. I hate cabs. I am sure I won't be the only one dragging around luggage and such...
  11. OMG...if you can see what I carry around on BART all the time....

    1 laptop
    1 purse
    1 big-ass rolling luggage
    1 small shopping bag.

    Put that together with high heels.

    And no, I am not a stripper!
  12. Crap, that is a lot of stuff. It was funny cause they were telling me that my hotel is about 3/4 mile from the office location and that it is a "great walk". I guess men assume that we all wear what, sneakers with our biz attire? That cracks me up.
  13. BART isn't that bad, but you can also super shuttle it door to door for about $20

  14. Smokehouse nailed it. Follow her advice.

    SF in wonderful! Stay a few extra days and enjoy it!

    Getting a ticket for the Bart shuttle at the Oakland airport is a bit confusing. Ask at the Info desk for instructions. You'll need some $1 bills. The price may have gone up since I last used it so take a few quarters, too.

    Have fun!
  15. That was exactly the first thought that popped into my mind...I was like 'lamiastella's SO?...oh, she means the SF transport'!