Anyone familiar with a Madison Ave. SA

  1. I just ordered a White Paris Bombay from Morissa. I have not met her yet in person but I will be meeting up with her today at 3 to pay for my bag so she can have it shipped to the store and I could pick it up tomorrow.

    My question is if she's a helpful person because I felt like I had to chase her around for 2 days so I can order the bag. My next purchase will be a 30cm croc Birkin so I want to know if this is whom I want to order it from.

    Any feedback on her would be appreciated.
  2. better post that picture of that Bombay...I love it!!!

    Good for you! It is a gorgeous bag.
  3. wow another gorg. purchase for our resident baggaholic, can't wait to see it! What color are you going to order the 30cm croc in? Is it me or does it seem like there's a lot of croc orders, bags, around lately?
  4. Congratulations on yet another amazing acquisition! Looking forward to some pics of your new hermes bags so I can keep living vicariously through you!!! So happy for you!!!
  5. ^^ ditto from me!!
    What specs do you want for your croc B 30?
  6. I'm not familiar with Morissa. I have only dealt with Bukky...she's very nice. Can't wait to see pics of the bag! And good luck on getting a croc.
  7. OMG! Girls I got my bag! I went there to pay for the white bag so it could be shipped, then Marrisa asked me if I wanted to see it in gold! Let me tell you it was love at first sight! I had to go with the gold, itLs a safer color than white! As soon as I get home ill give you more details and pics!
  8. Wait, gold as in gold Paris-Bombay?? Wow!!!! It's picture time!
  9. A gold paris bombay- that must be stunning!!! Cannot wait to see pics!
  10. crack me seem like your old self!!!

    We need pictures. NOW!
  11. seem so excited! I want to see those pictures. (I think I am losing my mind...I just wrote a reply and it did not go through)

    Can you tell me the dimensions of your bag and approximately what it can hold?

    Love that bag.

    (sorry ended up showing up after DSL has been messed up since yesterday)
  12. I'm sorry! Its I've been going through so much! And now with my freinds death I needed a little pick me up. Trust me even to me seeing a smile on my face makes me verry happy!

    I'm driving home! As soon as I get in ill post pics (I really need to post pics of all my latest purchases)
  13. Don't get in a safely and I am glad this can make you happy.

    I know if I found one of my bags, I would be feeling mighty fine myself!!!
  14. I am so excited to see the photos! I'm considering a Paris-Bombay for my next bag as well, it'd be lovely to see one in gold.
  15. If you're located anywhere near Boston, Kat, the Boston store has a gold Paris-Bombay in a case inside the store. Or, at least they had it on Tuesday.....