anyone familar with the nordstrom refund policy?

  1. is anyone familiar with Nordstrom's refund policy?
    i bought a jacket and haven't worn it yet. i lost my receipt. i keep all the tags, including the price tag, but the Nordstrom barcode sticker is 1/2 ripped off. don't ask. i bought the jacket on sale for 400ish, the price tag says it is 596.

    will they give me the lowest selling price in store credit?

    i'm just worried that without their barcode sticker thingy, they won't know how much i paid for it. i just saw this jacket at a Nordstrom's rack for 150.
  2. Without the receipt I am afraid you would have to say you got it as a gift to return it. They will probably give you the current value in the store without a receipt. Good luck stores are fussy.
  3. did you pay for it with a cc? they can look it up in their computer system then. Nordstrom is really great with their customer service, i'm sure if you speak to a manager you can eventually work something out with them :smile:
  4. Nordstrom is beyond excellent with CS - they WILL do their best to help you.
  5. Yea. Nordstrom's return policy is great... unfortunately, people take advantage of it waaaay too much.

    I'd live help it... maybe even ask if you can get a price adjustment instead of a return? who knows... it might work
  6. In addition, if you paid for it with your credit card, you could probably also look up the transaction on your own account and bring that printout in with you. Also, as Cookie mentioned above, the store can look up your transaction and send you a copy of the receipt. All they really need to process the return is the transaction number, date, and the amount you paid -- this might be more time-consuming, and most people are too lazy to do it, but it sounds like it would be a significant monetary difference, so I'd go for it! Let us know how it turns out.
  7. in a huge closet-cleaning due to buyer's remorse, I returned a handful of unused items to Nordstrom - some I had bought 8 months previously (and never used). I just went to my Nordie's account page, found the order, printed it out, and also printed out the generic return form you can get from the Nordie website. No problem, got all the returns credited.
  8. wow! they let you return it after 8 months!! they are generous..
  9. -They are just the best! I rarely shop at any other dept store.
  10. To echo everyone else, they WILL help you. They're great. Bring in the printouts from your cc and they will DEFINITELY help you, and they'll even look them up for you if you don't.
  11. thanks i feel so much better!!
  12. there's actually no time limit with nordstrom refund policy.. and like everybody else said, they can look it up on their system if you pay with CC.. they can even look it up if it's cash, just tell them the date that you bought the item on and how much you paid.. that works for NR as well..
  13. OMG, I just returned a wallet that was over 2 years old that I found in my closet. I had moved and was finally unpacking some last boxes. It still had the tag on it with the barcode. To top it off, the lady was SO nice about returning it!