Anyone familar with the Gulliver leather?

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  1. I think Hermes stopped using it a few years ago, but I know people that have bags with that leather. Does it wear well?
  2. It has been discontinued and replaced by swift. I find it to be scratch resistant and cleans well, but it is on the heavy side.
  3. Does anyone have pics of either leather? (swift or Gulliver)?
  4. Photo of double thickness straps. Gulliver on left, togo on right. Compare the thickness of each leather.
    Photo of Gulliver on left, togo on right to compare the grains.
  5. ooohhh neat picture hermes groupie! Thanks!
  6. You're welcome.
  7. THat was so helpful! THank you for posting those pics hermesgroupie! Gulliver looks much stiffer.
  8. I would say so.
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