anyone familar with

  1. Yes she sells authentic...a little too pricey for me, though, but that's because she has a lot of really excellent condition items.
  2. Great, thanks - I just came across this site today and noticed some cool items that seems authentic to me. Too bad most everything is already spoken for, HA! HA!

    thanks for letting me know!!
  3. [​IMG]

    Isn't this a LAURA ASHLEY dress from the early 90's? HA! HA!
  4. Are they used or brand new? I thought eluxury was the only online website that sold real Louis Vuitton.

  5. The items seem to be pre-owned.
  6. ^^ They're used.

    If you ever have a few spare moments, I would highly recommend MrsTroppo's guide to purchasing authentic LV. I learned a lot from it.
  8. Her guide is great.
    Her items are pricey.
  9. That's it........... I knew I had heard of Mrs Troppo's site before -I clicked on the following link below off her website and now it makes sense - yes, AWESOME information!!!! Thanks again for pointing that out!!!..I have been on the site below a couple of times already - just didn't put 2@2 together - DAH!!!

    Used Vuitton?