Anyone familar with Indonesian ( RUPIAH) money currency?

  1. Hiii,

    I am wondering if anyone knows....

    What can $4,000,000 Rupiah buy in Indonesia? Thats approx $500usd.

    Anyone? :shrugs: :upsidedown:
  2. it really depends on the location. In certain parts a lot, in others... not so much. What area are you visiting?
  3. I'm originally from there, haven't been home in 3 years though. And I would have to agree with mocean, it'll depend on what area you're visiting, and what sorts of things are you expecting to purchase?
  4. I lived in Jakarta. What exactly is it that you're planning to buy?
  5. Well, I am planning/ would love to visit someday, and am just trying to get an idea of how much $500 usd is over there and what I am able to buy?

  6. :upsidedown:
  7. It all depends on which city you're visiting in Indonesia. And the malls you're shopping at can also make a big difference to what things you can buy with the money. And most importantly how well you budget yourself also play an important role into what fun things you can do there with your budget.
  8. I'm Indonesian also, and I live in Jakarta. Like others have said so far, it depends a lot on the places you will be visiting. Jakarta is the capital city and it can be considered an expensive city compare to others. Just to give you an idea of the costs in Jakarta, if you stay at 5 star hotels, it can cost you (more or less) around 1 million Rupiahs per night. If you go to a mall and just see a movie and eat at a restaurant/cafe, it can cost you around 200,000 Rupiahs (at least). If you're looking to buy designer stuff and such (like LV, etc), then 5 million wont get you far.

    When are you planning to come here? If we can meet, along with other tPFers who live in Jakarta, I say that'll be good..